SuperPower 3 Steam
Update 23/12/2020

Human Development Mod v11.0

USM & HDM v-13.2

Age of Discovery v1.1

Update 03/11/2020

Geopolitics v2.4 by Alexandr Sazanov

Update 23/08/2020

Flashpoint Mod v0.4.4

Mr Mondays Mod 6

Update 18/01/2020

ShatteredWorld v1.0 by Alexandr Sazanov

Update 22/12/2019

Downloads added over the last few months

USM II V-10.3

ZDEditorRS+ V1.4B (Alternative to GLEditor)

1962 v1.1 By Alexandr Sazanov

1900 v4.1 By Alexandr Sazanov

Erkoc's 3 Billion Population Mod

Erkoc's Dictator Land Mod

Update 02/07/2019

Downloads added over the last few months

Faction Wars 1: Tight Grip on Earth v0.3 By Erkoc

Erkoc's No treaties mod

ZDEditorRS+ V1.3 (Alternative to GLEditor)

Update 11/04/2019

Downloads added over the last month

ZDEditorRS+ V1.0 (Alternative to GLEditor)

Commisar (R16, MMM5) Flags

1900 v3.1

1991 v4.0

Siberian Confederation v1.3a

T.W.A.M v3d

Our Blue Marble v1.2.0

Update 25/01/2019

Downloads added over the last two months

ZModTools (Mod Editor & Launcher) v1.1

Human Development Mod v10.8

Age of Discovery v1.0

Erkoc's SuperPower 1 mod v0.1

ZDEditor v1.2F + ZDEditorRS V0.6

ZD's GLM Viewer


Our Blue Marble v1.1.2

Update 11/11/2018

Downloads added

Our Blue Marble v1.1.1

ZDEditor v1.0

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon v1.0

New Nations Expanded v0.1

Update 23/09/2018

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Mods added

MrMondaysMod6 + HDM 10.7


Human Development 10.7

Update 24/02/2018

Mods added

Human Development v10.1

Uncle Sam Mod v12

SwiftMOD v1.2

Update 11/11/2017

Mods added

Our Blue Marble

SuperPower 2 Unofficial Patch

Video by IceyVVind

Update 25/10/2017

Mods added since last update...


City Lights

Fallout Mod

Human Development


Realism2016 - 13.07.2017

Update 15/01/2017

The Gulf War Mod has been updated to v1.3.

Update 23/06/2016

A new mod called Gulf War has been added to the fullmods page.

Update 22/06/2016

The Man in the High Castle Mod has been updated to v1.2 and is on the fullmods page.

Update 31/03/2016

United Nations Mod V1.5 has been added to the fullmods page along with the mod Kingdom of Poland and Lithuania.

Gameplay by Commissar BRO

Update 19/03/2016

BlasterMillennia's Human Development Mod V7 has been added to the SDK page. MrMondaysMod has been updated to 17-3-2016 version.

Review by Commissar BRO

Update 05/03/2016

BlasterMillennia's Human Development Mod V6 has been added to the SDK page. MrMondaysMod has been updated to 3-3-2016 version. Realism2016 is now on the fullmods page and the current version is 22-2-2016. Go to for all the latest on this mod and the Magicbox.

Gameplay overview & review by TortugaPower

> EuroPower Screenshot <

SuperPower 1 and 2 are global geopolitical simulation games built on the following four spheres: political, economic, military and demographics.

Superpower 1 is a turn-based game, turn-based allow's the player more time to analysis the current situation before the AI makes the next move, there are 140 nations to choose from each with there own difference, superpower was the first game to use the Evolutionary Human Emulator-E.H.E.

Superpower 2 Like it's predecessor makes another leep forwards in Evolutionary gaming turning turn-based to real-time providing a better way for internet gaming.
Superpower 2 has an improved interface but still simple the game allows you as a leader of a country to control every aspect of the economy, political system, military you can pick from 193 nations trade with other countries set your own pace and make your own goals.

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