1962 v1.1
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1962 V1.0
The 1962 mod begins in the middle of the Caribbean Crisis. Since this is the first version, much has not been done here. Waiting for you here:
- Situation in the world on October 20, 1962
- USSR nuclear missiles in Cuba and US missiles in Turkey and Italy
- Extremely tense relations between the USA and the USSR
- Military equipment of the time (some equipment may not be, but in the future this will be fixed)
- So far, the population of the USSR, USA, India, China, Japan, GDR, Yugoslavia has been corrected
- In the fashion there are states separatists
- If you play with a collection of music, in order to change the collection, you need to start a secret operation in any country. The next collection will be selected randomly.
1962 V1.1
- Corrections in world politics
- New contracts
- GDR now has agent networks

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