1991 v4.0
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The action takes place at the end of 1991, when the Soviet Union finally fell apart into several states. Russia has become the successor of the USSR, and the United States is beginning to immerse the former republics in capitalism. The choice is yours - to revive the USSR and rebuild the empire, or else get bogged down in capitalism.

What's New:
- Added CRI (Chechen Republic of Ichkeria)
- Fixed some countries
' economies - Changed the parties in the Russian Federation to real
- Changed the name of Chechnya to the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria
- CRI added the division in Grozny
- Relations between the CRI and the Russian Federation reduced to -80
- The population of the Russian Federation was increased to 148 million.
- Many flags were changed to HD
- Added Mujahideen to Afghanistan, relations -90 were established.
- 2 divisions with infantry, ground and aviation
were installed to the Mujahideen - Relations of Yugoslavia with Croatia and Slovenia were worsened
- Spelling errors
were corrected - The territories of Afghanistan and the Mujahideen were changed
- Voenka for Afghanistan was close to real
- Changed the capital for the Mujahideen
- Updated game captions
- Changed the military unit of the People's Republic of China (ground equipment added)
- Changed the structure of the Mujahideen
- Corrected AI
- Eritrea became part of Ethiopia (gained independence in 1993)
- Updated Russifier ( current version: 1.2 beta)

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