Age of Discovery V1.1
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Age of Discovery is a recreation of the state of the world in the year 1453. In that year, the Ottoman Empire captured Constantinople from the Byzantine Empire. This effectively barred Europeans from important land and sea trading routes. European leaders hoped to bypass the Ottoman Empire and trade directly with West Africa by sea, in order to access the lucrative spice trade. And so began the Age of Discovery, a time of European exploration around the tip of southern Africa and into the Americas.

Age of Discovery V1.1 - 2020 Economy & Nation Update!

- Fixed EHE issues.
- Added 280 playable nations, now 474 in total!
- Tribes split into said new nations ^
- Revamped resources and world economy.
- Attempted to fix birth rate issues.
- Added political parties for most nations.
- Fixed anarchy issues buy buffing stability, taxation and approval rating for most nations.
- Also attempted to fix problems with state controlled resources in new nations.
- Attempted to fix militaries in Japan and other minor countries.

Contact developers at Discord: PsychoticUnvanquished#4644 for future updates!
The original developer Aqua who I made this in collaboration is currently on break, so make sure to message me regarding mod updates!

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