City Lights Mod v6
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This is a client-side mod which takes all the cities from the database and draws lights based on their population.
When you join a server, the game will freeze for 5 seconds while it generates them.

To install,
1-Go to

Program Files / (Program Files(x86) if you're using a 64 bit system)->Steam->Steamapps->common
->SuperPower 2->
Make a backup of the original client.dll, then replace it with the mod client.dll

2-If you want to use the original game, replace the file with the backup you did.

Album (how your game will look like):
Some images are outdated.

To force a light database rebuild, or if your framerate is bad, go into console and type

ucitylights 2

There might be a bug where the server list is open when it shouldn't be.
If it happens, go into the console (F9) and type

V2: If a city is target of a nuclear strike, its lights will turn off.
V2: ucitylights 2
console command now clears and rebuilds light database.
V2: Fixed bug in military production window
V2: Fixed host MP game window not closing the server list.
V3: If a city is hit by a nuclear strike, its light will turn off.
V3: ucitylights 0
console command now clears light database.
V3: Fixed random bug that caused lights to be turned off at times.
V4: Optimized generation times
V4: Fixed low framerate bugs
V4: Fixed runtime errors on game start
V4: Fixed atlas and earth generation not working
V4: + Added command:
V5: * Fixed lights not turning off when nuked
V5: + Lights now hide and show based on view (thematic, geographic)
V5: New console commands.
V6: * Fixed nukelight iteration being done on main menu
when leaving the game after nuclear war, leading to frame drops
Now clears every time you leave and join a game.

V6: + Added mouse-light. Increase intensity with SHIFT
and decrease it with CTRL.

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