Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) v1.0
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Description: Starting date is January 1, 1992 - All members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (minus Georgia) are now one country.

The Soviet Union broke apart following the creation of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the resignation of Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.
In the immediate aftermath of the collapse, the Commonwealth of Independent States assumed command of the ex-Soviet Armed Forces aka Red Army.
The C.I.S. heads-of-state vote to maintain a unified military command structure until political and economic stability can be restored.

1: Commonwealth of Independent States

-Capital City

Popularity is 40%
Stability is 20%

Inherits all Russian military unit designs plus Ukrainian Slava class destroyer and Muravey class Hydrofoil

Inflation Rate is 250%
Fossil Fuels, Iron & Steel, and all Services are State-Controlled, everything else is Free Market (gradual transition from socalist to capitalist system)

-Political parties
Agrarian Pact
Nationalist Coalition (In Power)
Conservative Bloc
Liberal Democratic Alliance
Union of Rights Forces
Communist League (Illegal)
Yabloko Bloc

-Territorial Changes

-Diplomatic Relations
Diplomatic relations reset to zero with some exceptions
Good relations with Yugoslavia
Fair relations with Iraq and Mongolia
Bad relations with Afghanistan and Georgia
Poor relations with Baltic States, Bosnia, Croatia, China, Cuba, Laos, North Korea, and Vietnam

2: Major Changes By Country

-United Kingdom
United Kingdom owns Hong Kong
Troops deployed to Hong Kong and Isle of Man
English Channel fleet starting position adjusted slightly (no longer invulnerable to nuke strike)

Formerly Serbia and Montenegro
Single Party Democracy (Serbian Socialist Party)
Troops stationed in Bosnia to represent Bosnian Serb faction Republika Srpska
Bad relations with Bosnia and Croatia due to Yugoslav Wars
State-Controlled economy (except electricty)
10% Stability and 55% Popularity

Military Dictatorship
State-Controlled economy (except electricty)
15% Stability and 25% Popularity

Formerly Democratic Republic of the Congo
Single Party Democracy (Popular Movement of the Revolution)

Formerly Gaza Strip and West Bank
Military Dictatorship
Worse relations with Israel and United States
State-Controlled economy (except electricty)
10% Stability and 20% Popularity

-North Korea
Single Party Democracy (Korean Workers' Party)

Single Party Democracy (Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front)
Eritrea still part of Ethiopia
Government-controlled economy (except electricty)

3: Treaties

-Common Market
Baltic Assembly (BA) (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)

-Economic Partnership
Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement (CUSFTA)

US-Australia Major non-NATO Alliance
US-Egypt Major non-NATO Alliance
US-Japan Major non-NATO Alliance
US-South Korea Major non-NATO Alliance
North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) (Canada, United States)
Sino-North Korean Mutual Aid and Cooperation Friendship Treaty
Czech and Slovak Federative Republic (CSFR)
Bosnian-Croatian alliance
Franco-German Brigade
US-Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty
Iranian-Syrian Strategic Alliance

-Military Tresspassing Right
Commonwealth of Independent States Peacekeeping Mission to Yugoslavia
United States Peacekeeping Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina
United States Peacekeeping Mission to Croatia

-Economic Embargo
United States Economic Sanctions Against Haiti
United States Economic Sanctions Against North Korea
United States Economic Sanctions Against Yugoslavia

-Treaty Changes
Commonwealth of Independent States (removed)
Hungary-Slovenia military access treaty (removed)
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Now open to new membership - Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland removed)
European Union (EU) (Austria, Sweden, and Finland removed)
European Free Trade Association (EFTA) (Austria, Sweden, and Finland added)
Council of Europe (Membership reduced circa 1/1/1992)

4: Other Diplomatic Changes

-Improved Relations
Members of NATO Alliance
Members of ANZUS Alliance
Members of NATO/ANZUS Alliances
United States and non-NATO Allies
Baltic States
Iran and Syria

-Decreased Relations
Between NATO/ANZUS and China
Between NATO/ANZUS and Cuba
Between NATO/ANZUS and Laos
Between NATO/ANZUS and North Korea
Between NATO/ANZUS and Vietnam
Between NATO/ANZUS and Yugoslavia

5: Ideology Changes

-Single Party Democracy
Equatorial Guinea
North Korea

-Military Dictatorship

6: Other Changes

-Germany's capital is relocated to Bonn

-Ruling Parties and Election Schedules circa 1/1/1992

Commonwealth of Independent States
South Africa

-ABC New Broadcast about the signing of the Belavezha Accords on December 8, 1991.

-Deployment Bug Repaired in the following cities:
Ankara, Turkey
Berlin, Germany
Bamako, Mali
Monrovia, Liberia
Ahmedabad, India
Praia, Cape Verde
Funafuti, Tuvalu
Akmola, Kazakhstan (Commonwealth of Independent States)
Uzno-Sakhalinsk, Russia (Commonwealth of Independent States)

-Following cities (and their military garrisons) moved due to glitch causing them to be invulnerable to nuclear strikes targeting military forces.
Zaporozhye, Ukraine (Commonwealth of Independent States)
Chelyabinsk, Russia (Commonwealth of Independent States)
Angren, Uzbekistan (Commonwealth of Independent States)
Hamhung, North Korea

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