Faction Wars 1: Tight Grip on Earth Version 0.3
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After the Cold war, the Russian federation is able to build up a pro capitalist union with other post communist members but still maintain an Anti-Western view

The Arabic Nations came to reform the Faction to build up and contribute to the Arab world.
The leaders of the Arab world consists of Monarchs or Military Generals ruling their nations so that they may maintain their power over their nations.

The United States along with NATO has also formed the Global Defense pact, which includes all of the Americas and Other major nations in Oceania in order to contribute to their anti china and anti Russian stance. A separate alliance with Japan and South Korea is also formed..

(News: I'll be focusing on my cold war mod. I wont focus on my faction wars mods or 1870s mods, because i think i may be able to finish a simple cold war mod faster than either of those)

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