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BlasterMillennia for creating HDM.
GolemLabs for creating SP2.

Flashpoint is the culmination of months of testing and research of the SP2 SDK.

It attempts to combat autarky in states by retaining demand for goods as the SP2 simulator progresses. Not necessarily by slowing down growth universally, instead opting for a revamped demand model that increases demand based on domestic production and consumption. For example; a country that produces high volumes of vehicles, will consume more fossil fuels. Other sectors such as retail, market and advertising; increases the demand for foodstuffs.

Services consumption increases as the country's other sectors increase in production. Flashpoint tries to avoid rich countries gaining large amounts of Services exports, putting these countries in trade bubbles, instead relying more on the growth of their domestic markets (consumption).

Flashpoint is based on the HDM 10.9 SDK. And thus has all the features of the latest HDM release.

What Flashpoint tries to model;

Large consumer markets that are not entirely based on population, but also on wealth. Wealthy countries consume more goods in general. The United States for reference; is the worlds largest consumer market, having a market twice the size of China and India combined. In contrast; poor countries, who have much smaller domestic markets; sell their excess production to rich countries.

The client.dll included in Flashpoint is based on the OBM Client (which is based on the HDM client by BlasterMillennia), but has some extra changes like displaying cities no matter the zoom level. It is thus able to load any extra textures intended for the OBM client.

Features of Flashpoint:
Resource demand model written from scratch. Rich countries import a lot more goods, poor countries need less goods, and need to export to rich countries.
Faster AI. Ability to evaluate situations and build battle plans faster.
AI naval build-ups.
Generalized EHE wherein entities prioritize strong armies.
2001 database containing tweaked data for world populations (population ideology, economic ideology).

Flashpoint also seeks to diversify ways to play SP2 by enabling government controlled sectors to have high growth, and boosting the revenues from government controlled sectors.

Check out my other mod "Our Blue Marble" at https://www.nexusmods.com/superpower2/mods/1?tab=description

Check out HDM by BlasterMillennia at: https://steamcommunity.com/app/282400/discussions/0/618459405709577447/
Flashpoint would not be possible without it.

Flashpoint should work with every database mod out there (MrMondaysMod, Realism, etc). However I cannot guarantee that it will be balanced, as any altered production data in these databases may result in odd markets, due to how this SDK mod handles consumption in economies. An advise to any database modders if they wish to balance their mod for Flashpoint: Services is the main factor in consumption, high services in 'developed' countries, low services in 'developing' countries. If up-to-date GDP's are desired, increase production in primary and industrial sectors rather than the services sector.

2020-07-07 (v-0.1) - Implemented new resource demand model
2020-07-07 (v-0.1) - Fixed naval_forces (issue#4)
2020-07-07 (v-0.1) - Changed AI max unit groups from 10 to 30 and 5 to 10 for ground and naval units, respectively (sp2_ai.cpp 1374)
2020-07-07 (v-0.1) - Changed the number of maximum naval units AI builds or buys to 10 (issue#5)
2020-07-07 (v-0.1) - Capped immigration to 1%, emigration still capped at 2%
2020-07-07 (v-0.1) - Changed how military score is calculated, military expenditure (issue#1)
2020-07-07 (v-0.1) - Changed constant resource growth rates, iterate later (issue#10)
2020-07-07 (v-0.1) - Increased unit production capacity, based on per capita (issue#8)
2020-07-08 (v-0.2) - Changed the military force factor (bookmark MilitaryForceFactor)
2020-07-08 (v-0.2) - Changed how economic score is calculated, removed eco health factor
2020-07-08 (v-0.2) - Changed occupy country, occupy all regions (issue#6)
2020-07-08 (v-0.2) - Tweaked resource demand model, added finished goods factor to services sector
2020-07-08 (v-0.2) - Tweaked constant resource growth rates
2020-07-08 (v-0.2) - Changed unit upkeep rates (issue#9)
2020-07-08 (v-0.2) - Fixed military score calculation, fetched wrong data
2020-07-08 (v-0.2) - Tweaked constant resource growth rates
2020-07-08 (v-0.2) - Increased resource production loss from stock market crash and depression (issue#12)
2020-07-08 (v-0.2) - Restored function for economic score to default (issue#16)
2020-07-08 (v-0.2) - Tweaked constant resource growth
2020-07-08 (v-0.2) - Tweaked resource demand model
2020-07-10 (v-0.3) - Tweaked constant resource growth rates
2020-07-10 (v-0.3) - Removed HDI factor from economic health
2020-07-10 (v-0.3) - Increased the combat slowdown factor to 128 (sp2_constants, 1018)
2020-07-11 (v-0.3) - Lowered evaluation time for advisor (sp2_data_control_layer.cpp, 1970)
2020-07-11 (v-0.3) - Tweaked resource demand model
2020-07-11 (v-0.3) - Increased the revenue constant from public sectors
2020-07-11 (v-0.3) - Changed SDK name (HDM [Flashpoint])
2020-07-11 (v-0.4) - Changed the production modifier
2020-07-11 (v-0.4) - Tweaked resource demand model
2020-07-11 (v-0.4) - Tweaked resource production loss from economic events

2020-07-12 (v-0.4.1) - Lowered telecoms and infrastructure iteration periods
2020-07-12 (v-0.4.1) - Lowered the gvt controlled resource growth penalty significantly
2020-07-12 (v-0.4.1) - Tweaked resource demand model
2020-07-12 (v-0.4.1) - Tweaked constant resource growth
2020-07-12 (v-0.4.1) - Increased unit cost modifier for training status
2020-07-13 (v-0.4.1) - Tweaked resource production loss from stock market crash and depression

2020-07-13 (v-0.4.2) - Tweaked constant resource growth

2020-07-14 (v-0.4.3) - Lowered the maximum death rate to 1% from 3.5%
2020-07-14 (v-0.4.3) - Tweaked expected birth rate
2020-07-14 (v-0.4.3) - Lowered the server iteration time
2020-07-14 (v-0.4.3) - Tweaked resource demand model
2020-07-14 (v-0.4.3) - Added personal-income tax factor to economic health
2020-07-14 (v-0.4.3) - Temporarily lowered effects of negative economic events significantly
2020-07-14 (v-0.4.3) - Restored HDI factor to economic health

2020-07-15 (v-0.4.4) - Tweaked resource demand model
2020-07-15 (v-0.4.4) - Lowered the penalties for economic failure
2020-07-15 (v-0.4.4) - Added arable land factor to food production
2020-07-17 (v-0.4.4) - Restored server iteration time to default, stability issues
2020-07-18 (v-0.4.4) - Tweaked expected birth and death rates.

Database changes:
2020-07-15 - Changed inflation data, all countries start with 2%
2020-07-15 - Changed interest levels, all countries start with 0%
2020-07-15 - Changed death rates, all countries start with 0.5%
2020-07-15 - Changed expected death rate, all countries 1%
2020-07-15 - Changed China services sector, private control, 10% sector tax
2020-07-16 - Adjusted Services production in 184 (United States)
2020-07-17 - Lowered poverty rates of 17 (Belgium), 123 (Netherlands), 63 (France), 183 (United Kingdom), 184 (United States), 160 (S.Korea), 89 (Japan).

EHE changes:
2020-07-30 - Fixed Economic Aid (give), wrong ID, thanks to serejaktsr for reporting it.

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