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Mod Geopolitics is based on the mod Realism2016. In fact, this is its continuation, however, Geopolitics is somewhat different.
At the moment, the most current version 1.4 of May 1, 2018.

Features of the mod as opposed to the original Superpower2:

I. New countries. Most countries were created back in Realism2016:

- Western Sahara
- Abkhazia
- Republic of South Sudan
- Montenegro
- Islamic State
- Syrian Coalition
- Democratic Republic of East Timor
- Turkey Republic of Northern Cyprus
- Azad-Kashmir
- Waziristan
- Shan
- Southern Kurdistan
- Somaliland
- Houthis
- Lybian Opposition
- Drug Cartels
- Hezbollah
- Puntland
- Khatumo State of Somalia
- Al-Shabaab
- Al-Qaeda
- Taliban
- Western Kurdistan
- Hamas
- Luhansk People's Republic
- Donetsk People's Republic
- United Nations

II. Separatist regions

Also in this mod there are separatist regions and movements, for which, unfortunately, you can not play, but when you play with the latest version of HDM you can give them independence, and they will function as usual countries. At the moment this is being finalized.

Kingdom of Belgium:

- Flemish
- Wallonia

Bosnia and Herzegovina

- Republika Srpska

Kingdom of Denmark:

- Greenland
- Faroe

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland:

- Scotland
- Wales

Kingdom of Spain:

- Catalonia

United States of America:

- Puerto Rico
- Texas
- California
- Cascadia
- Hawaii
- New England
- Alaska
- South Carolina
- Confederate States of America
- Vermont Republic
- New Hampshire

Republic of Albania:

- Northern Epirus

III. All names of countries are official (except for separatist regions).

IV. A number of lines with the text of the names of resources, technologies, etc. were changed.

V. Population and parties have been updated.

VI. Many languages and religions have been added.

VII. Many units have been added.

VIII. Many cities have been added.

IX. Corrections in economy and production

X. The situation in the world is displayed at the last moment.
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Updates in version 1.5 (May 28, 2013)

- Added new languages and religions to different regions
- Added new units
- Changed dip relations
- Civil war in Sudan is implemented and the civil war in Yemen is changed
- Corrections in production
- New cities
- Minor corrections
- New separatists:

Republic of Albania:

- Northern Epirus

Republic of Azerbajan:

- Republic of Artsakh


- Quebec

People's Republic of China:

- Uyghurstan
- Tibet
- Manchuria
- South Mongolia Republic

French Republic:

- Alsace
- Brittany
- Corsica
- Alpes-Maritimes
- Normandy
- Savoy
- Occitania


- South Osetia

Federal Republic of Germany:

- Bavaria
- East Frisia
- Franconia
- Lusatia
- Rhineland
- Southern Schleswig
- Swabia

Iran / Pakistan:

- Balochistan

Islamic Republic of Iran:

- Khuzestan

Italian Republic:

- Friuli
- Liguria
- Lombardy
- Southern Italy
- Padania
- Sardinia
- Sicilia
- Venice


- Republic of Ainu

Russian Federation:

- Crimea
- Siberia
- Far Eastern Republic
- Ural
- Republic of Karelia
- Altai Republic
- Kuban People's Republic
- Republic of Ingermanlandiya
- Altai Republic
- Povolzhye Republic

Republic of the Sudan:

- Sudanese Awakening Revolutionary Council
- Justice and Equality Movement
- Darfur Liberation Front

United States of America:

- South Carolina
- Confederate States of America
- Vermont Republic
- New Hampshire

Republic of Yemen:

- Southern Transitional Council
Updates in version 1.6 (4 July,2018)

- New religions and languages in the regions
- Changes in the domestic laws of some countries
- Changed dip relations
- New contracts have been added
- Added new units
- New separatists
- Small changes with all separatists

Player separators:
- Eurasian State
- Nikolaev People's Democratic Republic
- Federal Republic of Nordland
- Confederation of Sloboda

Real separatists:

Republic of Iraq:

- Assiriya
Updates in version 1.7 (July 20, 2013)

- New religions and languages in the regions
- Added new units
- New separatists
- Ground and air forces re-created in some countries
- Updated MIC in some countries
- Population of the Czech Republic was adjusted
- Added more cities

New Separatists:

People's Republic of China:

- Hong Kong

Democratic Republic of the Congo:

- Katanga

French Republic:

- New Caledonia

Republic of India:

- Khalistan

Republic of Indonesia:

- Republic West Papua
- Kalimantan

United Mexican States:

- Chiapas

New Zealand:

- South Island

United States of America:

- Florida
Updates in version 1.8 (12/08/2018)

- New cities
- Changed diplomatic relations
- Changed the composition of religions and languages in some regions
- Fixed population of some countries
- Fixed civil wars in Somalia and Syria
- Various text corrections
- Redone military market
- Changes and corrections in the armies of some countries
- Mobilization resources for a number of countries changed
- The mod includes a pack of flags from ZloNeDremlet
- New separatists for the UK:

- Montseratt
- Virgin Islands
Updates in version 1.9 (03/09/2019)

- New cities
- Changed diplomatic relations
- New languages and religions in some countries
- New technology
- New contracts
- Added AI to the latest separatists
- Ispravlenie in the name of the party of Kyrgyzstan
- Small trial change in AI of some states
Maybe I did something unfinished, from what was added.
Updates in version 2.0 (04/14/2019)

- Changed the population of a number of cities
- Changed diplomatic relations
- Added new contracts
- Changes due to the situation in the world
- Redressed civil war in Libya
- Added boot screens
- New languages and religions in some regions
- New cities
- The most important change: Since the game still leads to a negative birth rate in undeveloped countries, I decided to increase the number of children, and therefore the working-age population, to increase the number of children. It does not increase the birth rate, but this event immediately adds children (the amount depends on the country's population). This is still a trial change, so I will focus on the reviews.
Frequency boomer countries:
- Nigeria
- Niger
- DR Congo
- Partially India, Russia, France
- Iraq
- Sudan
- Ethiopia
- Brazil
- Venezuela
- Egypt

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