MrMondaysMod 6.0 (5-01-2020)
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Mr Mondays Mod 6 with USM compatibility
Features: everything from previous iterations of MrMondaysMod5 and is patched for compatibility with Uncle Sam's Mod
The world has been updated to March 1, 2020 relations

Download from MM6 and USM from links above
Make a backup of your SP2 folder
Open both MrMondaysMod6 folders and copy the contents (data, client,dll, ehe_entities, etc...)
Paste and overwrite everything into the SP2 folder
Open USM
Copy client.dll, server.dll and hdm_cfg_server
Paste and overwrite into the SP2 folder

Check this page for updates
Check the USM page for updates

HDM Commands:
Rename your country - Create a covert ops beginning with NAME
The words following NAME will be the name of your country.
Create a client state - When conditions are met (80% of target country population under your military occupation, etc.), create a military trespassing treaty with target country on side B beginning with words CLIENT
The words following CLIENT will be the name of your treaty
Set your country to have no capital - Create a covert ops cell called NOCAPITAL
Create 10 covert cells at once - Create a covert cell named MULTIPLE followed by a whole number, such as MULTIPLE21. This will create a sequence of 10 covert cells, Cell 21, Cell 22, Cell 23... Cell 30.

Explanation of HDM Settings
Human players cannot have AI assume debt
Human players cannot become client states themselves of another country
Countries on defending side of a war cannot occupy territory of the attacker; in order to occupy another nation's territory, one must be on attacking side of a war.
Penalty to diplomatic relations due to annexation has been reduced to 70% of original value
Human players may not continue to play after economic failure
Human players may not continue to play after losing an election
Countries that are annexed will remain in existence and may be brought to life again by being traded regions
Countries that are fully occupied will lose all progress in nuclear research
Countries that are fully occupied will lose all progress in AMDS

Set GTM to 100 to make ALL RESOURCES state control, export all production
Set GTM to 99 to make ALL RESOURCES state control, meet domestic demand
Set GTM to 98 to make ALL RESOURCES state control, import all demand
Set GTM to 97 to make ALL RESOURCES private control
Set GTM to any other value to set ALL RESOURCES SECTOR TAXES
Maximum resource sector tax is 50

Regions that are annexed suffer 20% loss in all resource production
Countries may launch nukes freely [% of occupied regions before nuclear weapons use is set to 0]

All government types will have equal resource production modifiers. This is a buff to non-MPD government types. See default values: Communism 60% resource production, military dictatorship 40%, Monarchy 70%, MPD 100%, SPD 80%, Theocracy 75%. With the included version of this mod, all government types share the 100% production standard that only MultiParty Democracies had in vanilla. If you find this to be unfair (or any other value), simply open hdm_cfg_server.xml and make your own adjustments.

Personal income tax is limited based on government type:
Communism = 100% max
Military = 90% max
Monarch =85% max
Theocracy =85% max
SPD =80% max
MPD =75% max

Income tax rate has a more direct effect on economic growth. (See HDM steam page for details)
Maximum covert cells in a foreign country is 20
Military upkeep cost for all naval units has been reduced to 75% of original values
Naval rule is enabled
Nations with client states received 8% of client state GDP annually

Uses new export mechanics, which allows countries that either have a high market share in certain resource sectors, and/or specialize in certain resource sectors, to have advantages in exporting those resources, as long as their GDP per capita values are high.Also forces countries that produce many non-service resources not to export as much of service resources.


It was brought to my attention that MrMondaysMod is unplayable in multiplayer due to Patch 1.5.2. I have made this small patch and titled it version 6 in order to clarify installation instructions.

You should be able to play multiplayer if all users have the same joshua.cfg (included) and have installed the MrMondaysMod6 folder to the MODS folder.

1)Copy joshua.cfg and paste into Superpower 2 main folder
3)Extract MrMondaysMod6 folder to Superpower 2/MODS
4)Run the game through Steam or through joshua shortcut


This mod is can be installed and played the same way following 1.5.3. If necessary, redownload the joshua.cfg file or edit it (see post #9) in order to load this mod.

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