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MrMondaysMod5 with patch 17-3-2016

Download flags

To Install Flags: Extract into MODS\SP2\data\textures

To Install Uberfox/HDM4: copy contents of their folder into MODS\MrMondaysMod5

Uberfox forums:

Human Development Mod forums:


Extract into your Superpower\Mods directory. Mine is "E:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\common\SuperPower 2\MODS”

Edit the Joshua – Shortcut file to match the Target of your directory. My game is installed to the E: drive. So my target is "E:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\common\SuperPower 2\joshua.exe" -mod MrMondaysMod5

You want it to start in the \Superpower 2 folder. i.e. "E:Games\Steam\steamapps\common\SuperPower 2"

Move the Joshua – Shortcut to your desktop or wherever you want.

A message should pop up telling you that this is an unofficial mod. You should be unable to join other multiplayer games while this mod is loaded. To play MP, start SP2 using the default shortcut through Steam.

To uninstall, delete the folder of MrMondaysMod5 from your \MODS directory.

TO HOST MrMondaysMod5 so anyone can join:

Follow the instructions from my guide:

Old Features
everything from MrMondaysMod3.0
everything from MrMondaysMod4.0

New Features

Correct human development level for every country in the world

Correct population for 75+ countries

Correct GDP for 50+ countries

Over 140 new units from Realism mod (created by Fenix)

Over 40 other new units from the community

Over 30 other new units

HD Flags Packs has been included

Accurate amounts of debt as been added back to the most indebted nations in the world (mid and lower level economies still have a balance of zero; rebel and island nations have balance surpluses)

Military Research is now much more balanced

*Very small economies will research low-level tech in a few years depite how much they invest (as long as its not zero)
*Small and up economies will be able to alter their investment and research tech faster or slower
*The rate of unlocking technology is meant to reach a convergence point at around Tech 5/6. Meaning, most countries should be able to get to this level in a reasonable amount of time. While only the very large economies of the world can invest large sums and go into Tech 7/8/9 in a few decades.
*Only very high GDP countries should be able to reach the maximum in military tech.

Considerably altered the way nuclear weapons function

*Every country in the game has been adjusted with nuclear technology according to their real life missile tests
*The radius of nuclear missile damage is now accurately measured by its kilotonnage
*The kilotonnage of the nuclear weapons in the game is now accurately matched to their real life counterparts
*The above changes mean that North Korea's nuclear weapon only has a range of 300KM, as opposed to 2000km+ from the original game, and carries just a 1/100 of the kilotonnage it did previously. All nuclear missiles have been adjusted in this way.
*The first two tech levels of nuclear research are much weaker than they were previously. The next seven tech levels are increasingly stronger proportionally than they were.
*Nuclear tech 7 missile damage is now equal to the Tsar Bomba (50megaton) bomb. The largest ever tested in earth history. Only Russia begins the game with this high of technology.
*Nuclear tech 8 missile damage is equal to 100megatons, what the Soviet's claimed the Tsar Bomba could have configured for, before they reduced the size to prevent unwanted environmental damage.
*Nuclear tech 9 raises the damage even more, so that you can have a nuclear explosion that is larger than anything science can even accurately hypothesize about.
*Anti-Missile Defense Systems are now extremely strong versus ICBMS at long-range. However, they are extremely vulnerable to short-range ballistic missile subs and ICBMs placed close to their boarders. (Think of placing nukes in Cuba to target the USA, etc.)
*NAT0 Nuclear Sharing Policy is now put into place. ~20 nukes have been stationed in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Turkey each. 50% is under control of the USA, 50% is under control of the host country. These missiles will be available for display under the Nuclear Strength map overlay. However, these nations CANNOT launch these nukes without researching strategic weapons.
*Strategic weapons research has been removed from every nation, except those who have researched nuclear weapons in real-life (USA, China, Russia, France, UK, Israel, North Korea, Pakistan, India and South Africa -however South Africa has no missile designs as they are believed to have dismantled all of their facilities).
*Nuclear range has been reduced for the first 2 tech levels, this is also to simulate Strategic Bombers. If you want to roleplay dropping nukes from an airplane, I suggest designing missiles with 1 or 2 range and then moving in close to your opponent. Again, AMDS are vulnerable to close-range launches, so ballistic missile subs are very important now.

Added Greenland, Hong Kong. Puerto Rico, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Somaliland

Optional expansion for adding: Aruba, French Polynesia, Turks and Caicos Islands, Gibraltar, New Caledonia, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, Montserrat and Bermuda as playable countries

Added numerous cities to Somalia, Afghanistan and a few other territories without cities

Gave Al-Qaeda territory in Mali, Nigeria and Afghanistan

Renamed Islamic State to Daesh

Gave Daesh territory in Nigeria, Libya and Afghanistan

Introduced "stealth" Navy units (Russian Admiral Gorshkov-class frigate, the Swedish Visby-class corvette, the Dutch Zeven Provinciën-class frigate, the Turkish MILGEM corvette, the Norwegian Skjold-class patrol boat, the French La Fayette-class frigate, the Chinese PLA Navy's Type 022 missile boat, Type 054A frigate, Type 056 corvette, Type 052C destroyer, Type 052D destroyer, and Type 055 destroyer, the German MEKO ships Braunschweig-class corvettes and Sachsen-class frigates, the Indian Shivalik-class frigate, Kolkata-class destroyer, Kamorta-class corvette, the Singaporean Formidable-class frigate, the British Type 45 destroyer, the U.S. Navy's Zumwalt-class destroyer, Finnish Hamina-class missile boats, Chilean Patrol Vessel PZM based on the German OPV80 and Indonesian 63m Stealth Fast Missile Patrol Vessel. Egypt has Ambassador MK III missile boat).

*These ships have +5 Speed and +5 Countermeasures, giving them significant ability to avoid damage.
*Gave Naval Speed and Countermeasures research to countries with stealth ships
*Raised the military research for several countries whom have advanced military infrastructure but lacked military research in-game

Added several new naval designs for other nations beyond the stealth ships listed above
Removed a few obselete designs

Added a few new treaties (such as SAFTA, CCTS)

Continued adding strategic depth through Diplomatic Relations, mostly in the Middle East, but also some in Europe

While adjusting the GDP for every country, I had to make decisions about which sectors to improve for each country. In doing so, it became necessary for me to rename a few of the resource sectors.
Meat is now Meat and Fish
Vehicles is now Vehicles and Shipbuilding
Machinery is now Machinery and Armaments
Commodities is now Commodities and Electronics
Luxury commodities is now Luxury goods
Marketing and Advertising is now Financial Services

The tool Tip for the resources screen (accessible by clicking F1 while viewing the 27 resources) has been added with my own notes about what the most common products are for each resource. For example, the Tool Tip will tell you that Financial Services include: real estate, banking, accounting, insurance, investment and management consulting. I've always wanted clarification about what each resource signifies, so here it is. Sorry its just a big wall of text, but its the best I could do.

The Tool Tip for the government screen (accessible by clicking F1 while at the change your government screen) now displays the positive and negatives for each government type. For example, it will tell you that Monarchies' advantages are: no elections, low resource consumption, low negative impact on approval when declaring war, reduced negative impact on stability at a high military/population ratio, deplomatic relation bonus with other monarchies, and low government spending. It's disadvantages are: low resource production, high corruption, high risk of successful coup d'etat.

In editing the population for per country, I tried to stay true to the nation's population distribution. In general, the population increase follows the global trend of people moving into cities. In other words, the most populous regions now are more populous.

In editing the populations, I tried to stay true to the language and religion distributions. There may be a few errors for some countries if the percentages don't add up to 100%, or go over, but for the most part, all of the nations have maintained accurate ratios. However, I didn't update the percentage of "x" language in country "abc". All I did was raise the population is country "abc" and add a matching amount to the languages of "abc". That being said, Spanish is now more widely spoken in the USA than before. Other changes are probably less accurate. But I thought raising the population per country was more important than getting every country's linguistic profile correct.

Units that you produce for others now cost 2x as much as regular units, allowing weapons exporters to see larger profits.

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