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Launcher with autoupdate.
Fixed the deploying bug.
Fixed the bug with endless battle.
Added table of resource interdependencies from SP2Manual.pdf
(available when holding F1 on any resource in resources window).
Added table of goverment types (available when holding F1 on the
goverment type in the constitutional form window).
Army changed in many countries.
Changed the goverment type, and the financial condition of some countries.
Added new cities / corrected the names of old.
Remade efficiency of AMD's.
New international treaties.
300+ new political parties.
Relationships changed like in real life.
HD flags of all countries.

New countries:
•Western Sahara
•Republic of South Sudan
•Islamic State
•Syrian Coalition
•Democratic Republic of East Timor
•Turkey Republic of Northern Cyprus
•Islamic State’s West Africa Province
•Southern Kurdistan
•Lybian Opposition
•Drug Cartels
•Khatumo State of Somalia
•Western Kurdistan
•Donetsk People's Republic
• Luhansk People's Republic

New units (26.10.2015):
•Infantry Special Forces for many countries (more powerfull).
•Austria: Pandur II.
•Azerbaijan: Matador, Marader.
•Belorus: BRDM 2T Stalker.
•Canada: LAVIII
•China: 300-mm AR1A, J20 Black Eagle, 155-mm SH1, ZBL-09, Harbin Z-19,
CAIC WZ-10, 302-mm WS-1, 400-mm WS-2, 400-mm WS-3, 273-mm WM-80,
273-mm WM-120, VT-1A, 122mm Type 89 "BM-21 Grad", 300mm A-100 "BM-30
Smerch, 155-mm PLZ-45, 155-mm PLZ-05, 122-mm PLZ-07, Type 99A2, J-15
Flanker-D, J-16 Flanker-C.
•Czech: T-72CZ, 152-mm vz.77 Dana, Pandur II.
•Finland: Patria AMV.
•France: 27-mm VBCI, 57-mm ATOM, 155-mm TRF1 CAESAR, EC 665 Tiger,
•Georgia: Lazika.
•Germany: LARS2, 155-mm L52 PzH2000, 155-mm DONAR, Leopard 2 "MBT
Revolution", Boxer IFV, EC 665 Tiger, Puma IFV, Roland VT1, FLAADS,
TH-495 ICV, Wiesel AWC, LGS Fennek, M270 MARS, LeFlaSys/ASRAD, EC NHI
•Poland: PZA loara, PL-01.
•Portugal: Pandur II.
•Republic of China: CM-32 Yunpao.
•Romania: 155-mm sph Atrom.
•Russian Federation: ?400 ?????? (SA-21 Glower), ????????-? (SS-26
Stone), ??-52 ????????? (Ka-52 Alligator), BAZ-6950 Tornado, Sukhoi
T-50, Su-34 Fullback, Borei class SSBN, 120mm 2S31 Vena, AT-15
Springer[??????????], 152-mm 2?35 Koalition CB, ?-14 Armata, SS-27 Mod
2, SA-17 Grizzly "9K317M Buk M3", SA-20 Gargoyle "S-300PM2", SA-22
Greyhound "96K6 Pantsir-S1", SA-23 Gladiator\Giant "S-300VM
Antey-2500", BRDM-3, Bumerang, BMD-4M, BTR-82A, Ural-63095 "Typhoon",
T-15 BMP, Mi-35M, MiG-35 Fulcrum F, 220mm BM-22 Uragan-M, Su-30
Flanker-E+, Tu-22M4 Backfire, ??-226.80.
•Malaysia: AV-8.
•Netherlands: GTK Boxer, Holland class.
•North Korea: Songun-915, Chonma-ho.
•Israel: Iron Dome, Barak 8, Merkava Mk.4, 155-mm sph Atmos 2000.
•Italy: Freccia, FLAADS, A129 Mangusta, AW101 Merlin.
•Japan: F-3 Shinshin, F-2 Viper Zero, F-2A Viper Zero, MCV (Mobile
Combat Vehicle), Izumo class, Hyuga class, Type 96, OH-1 Ninja.
•Serbia: 155-mm NORA B-52.
•Singapore: AV-81 Terrex.
•South Africa: Matador, Marader, Olifant Mk.2, AH-2 Rooivalk.
•Sweden: BvS 10.
•Turkey: 300-?? Kasirga, T-122 Sakatya, HQ-9, FNSS Pars, ACV-300,
ACV-15, ACV-AMV, T-155 Firtina, RA 7040 MLRS, T-107 MBLR, TOROS
artillery rocket system, J-600T Y?ld?r?m I SRBM, J-600T Y?ld?r?m II
SRBM, J-600T Y?ld?r?m III SRBM, Altay.
•Ukraine: T-72, Tifon 2A, Oplot, BTR-3, BTR-4.
•United Kingdom: BvS 10, Ocelot, Striker, FLAADS, FV107 Scimitar, A129
Mangusta, CH-47 Chinook HC6, Scout SV, Type 26 class, Type 45 class,
Astute class SSN.
•USA: F-35A Lightning II, F-16C Fighting Falcon, M1126 Stryker, Wasp
class, America class, Ford class CVN, V-600 Commando, AIM-120D AdSAMS,
M1097 Avenger, M142 HIMARS, ?60120S, M777A2, ?1A2 SEP v2.

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