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As a long time member of this community and player, I have found I prefer realistic interactions and role playing as my style of choice. With this I have found the game lacks current geopolitical issues due to the aging of the game as well as numerous errors. The point of these updates are to fix minor issues, add in more areas to play and handle, as well as limit the ability for people to be over powered in the game.


Take the files in this folder and place them into "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SuperPower 2\MODS\SP2". or whatever area you have your Steam folder in. The flags as well as the game will then be updated. Be warned that this will overright your existing data so please back it up first.

About Uberfox Mod:
Last update version used for this is 2.1 Beta on 24/4/2014. is the location of all changes and information.
While under state controlled economy:
[*] Setting GTM to 41% will set ALL state controlled resources to *Meet Domestic Consumption*
[*] Setting GTM to 48% will set ALL state controlled resources to import 0 and export 0
[*] Setting GTM to 51% will set ALL state controlled resources to export (with max possible export setting)
[*] Setting GTM to 56% will set ALL state controlled resources to import (with max possible import setting)

Update History:
Version 4.0 Posted 25/08/2014.
Version 4.1 Posted 28/08/2014.
Version 4.1b Posted 02/09/2014.
Version 4.2 Posted 04/09/2014.
Version 4.3 Posted 08/09/2014.
Version 4.4 Posted 19/09/2014.
Version 5.0 Posted 07/11/2014.

Mod History:
The mod first began when Mr. Monday had released his 3.0 and stated he was no longer updating the mod. As I strive for a realistic setting and gameplay, I decided to start modding again. Initially called RedCommunist's Mr. Monday Mod Expansion, it started at 4.0 and ended at 4.4. The primary gameplaye changes came from God43 mod, which stopped the vanilla economic problems.
With the return of Uberfox and the release of his mod, it was decided to release the mod using that as the base due to the plethora of options, settings, and more realistic economic fixes. With such, since I had now done as much or more work on the mod as Mr. Monday, while I give him credit, I was a little frustrated with it being called Mr. Monday's mod when I was put dozens of hours into the game.
The name was been updated in order to understand that updates will be of my nature and while it won't be my political views, I will focus on nations commonly played in my servers with suggestions coming from those who commonly play in my servers.
For the old post and information, please see:

5.0 Updated:
[*] Fixed Russian alliance with Donetsk.
[*] Removed God_43 Mod and changed to UberFox Mod
[*] Add step by step picture instructions on how to install.

To be Updated in 5.1
{*} Set PR taxes
[*] Add yet more cities to regions without cities in them.
[*] Add Greenland as a playable country.
[*] Add Turkish Republic of Northern Cyrpus as a playable country. It will be occupied by Turkey.


To be Updated in future versions
[*] Add yet more cities to regions without cities in them.
[*] Remove listed inactive nations.
[*] Make Romanian majority language in Romania.
[*] Correct Russian language percentages. (Will take hours to do, so maybe.)
[*] Add Cook Islands in as a playable country.
[*] Add Niue in as a playable country.
[*] Add Somaliland in as a playable country.
[*] Add Kurdistan in as a playable country.
[*] Add Hong Kong back in as a playable country.


4.0-4.4 Updated:
Please see the following thread for the list of all updates prior to 5.0:

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