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After the Cataclysm, the map of the world has changed dramatically. What was the root cause? Climate change?
The fall of the world economy and regimes in the most influential countries? The corruption of mankind and the satiation of its benefits?
Or maybe military conflicts? Never mind.
There is no previous world.
There are practically no developed countries left. Most of the plants around the world have been destroyed, living standards have fallen everywhere, technologies have been lost or cannot be applied.
For the most part, poor countries before the Cataclysm have lost nothing, and countries that lived richly plunged into the abyss of chaos and poverty.
Nature also did not stand aside. Now on Earth, natural disasters occur.
Now mankind began to gradually enter the Middle Ages. The apocalypse has arrived.
Now it depends on you what the world will be like. Will you leave him to perdition, while saving only your people?
Or will you begin to revive civilization by any means?
You decide.

- The whole world is mired in wars and separatists.
- The economy of the whole world is destroyed. Countries that live poorly become poorer, and countries that live richly become poorer than poor countries.
- The countries on the territory of the former nuclear powers have the latest nuclear weapons that have not yet been destroyed.
- A huge number of new countries (more than 500 pieces). Each of these 500+ countries has its own AI.
- Cataclysms and birth rates around the world have increased significantly.
- The social development of all countries has fallen.
- All countries distrust each other. And especially warlike with big plans the whole world is wary.
- All countries except the Conglomerate have lost all their technologies and capabilities for the construction of equipment. Use units wisely.
- Research on the first technologies lasts much longer.

There is a bug with cells. The fact is that correctly it can display only 256 countries. That is, if you send
cell in the 257 country of the Savoy Duchy (Savoy), then you will be shown that the cell went to Afghanistan, but
in fact, he goes to Savoy and all the operations that you will carry out will be carried out with Savoy, although
it shows you that your cell is in Afghanistan.
If suddenly the actions will not be performed for the country to which you sent the cells, then simply restart the game or restart your computer.

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