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This mod adds in my fictional nation, the Siberian Confederation. It is based off of my NationStates idea of what if Siberia seperated in 2000 from Russia. Siberia became it's own country in 2000 following a referrundum in 1999 to choose to stay or seperate, getting a 80%. The entire area of what Siberia's historical definitian was, was made into the newly formed Confederacy. For the first 8 years, Russia and Siberia enjoyed wonderful relations, but when Russia invaded Georgia, sparked a bit of concern and lowered relations. In 2014 recently, Siberia and Russia became bitter enemies. Siberia continues to maintain strong ties with the west, namely with the United States, Canada, Sweden, Ukraine and Switzerland. It even has strong ties with Vanatu, a nation in the Pacific. Siberia's capital is in Omsk, which was where the "Omsk Agreement" was signed in 2000 between President Boris Yeltsin and President Anastasia Nadezhea, the first President of the Confederation.

Despite it being titled a "Confederation", it acts more of that of a republic. In the Siberian Consitution, every State or sostoyaniya (States in Russian) have their own rights, laws, and constitutions, but by Siberian Constitution, insepratable in the Union, creating a US-inspired system deprised from the CSA's idea of States Rights, but binded by the Constitution. Siberia is made up of the previous Russian regions that they carried over into the new nation, and no majour changes were made except with Omsk becoming a Federal District and Capital. Novosibirsk, the previous capital of the Siberian Federal District is the largest city in Siberia. It was decided Omsk would be a better decision due to it being an importian hub for many things such as the Trans-Siberian Railway and the highway network as well as several operations of industry.

Siberia starts off as a Multi-Party Democracy with 6 Parties:

Siberian Democratic Leauge - The current party that is in power elected in 2010. President Natalia Kozlovsky, called "Putin's Leftist Counterpart" is in power of this party and the country. Described as a person who is strongly anti-Putin, she will do anything to strike Putin down. She even got into a physical fight with him in the UN in 2014. Their ideology is Democratic Socialism and is a Leftist Party. This is currently Siberia's top left winged party.
Move Forward Siberia! - A Center-Left Party lead by Boris Alexandrov.
Siberian Communist List-Rodina - As suggested, the country's Communist Party. It is lead by Ivana Bugakova.
Conservative Siberian Forum - The country's top right winged party lead by Berk Vinogradov
Party of Turkic and Mongolic Peoples - A center party that represents the Tuvans, Altayans, Buryats, and other peoples whom are of non-Russian decent. Despite their name, they also represent Uralic, Yuaghir, "Paleosiberians" and Tungusic peoples. It is currently lead by Dymitri Babayev.

Siberia has strong ties with Ukraine, Sweden, Switzerland the United States, Canada and Vanatu. It's apart of the UN as a member state, as well as multiple international organizations. I will add an alliance between the US and Siberia soon, but for now, it starts without any, but it's easier to make an alliance betwen their current relations. They have bad relations with Russia, and have one disputed territory, the Sakhalin Oblast, still unresolved as of 2000, and Kozlovsky is seeking to take the island due to the little presense of Russian troops. Russian Annexation of the Islands might result in full out confrentation and nuclear warfare.

And yes, Siberia has nuclear weapons. They refused to give them up in 2004 on the last second. This infuriated Russia when they attempted a second time in 2014 before the invasion of Crimea.


If you might of already noticed, I changed a few other things too. Just take a look around yourself and you'll see what I mean ;) They aren't too big of changes, but still.

If you want to use this Country in your mod, please credit eiher "Sereniama" or "Lusty Seren" or "Cynical Hetalian".

I credit Mr. Monday for assisting me on this mod, and giving some tips to help make my first mod! I also credit him since I was using his folder as a setup launcher. I haven't tested if this works with Uber and HDI mod or not, but still.

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