SwiftMOD v1.2
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Feature list:
Treaty log (includes country id, type and name of a treaty)
Server config
Max personal income tax settings for different constitutional forms
Max sector tax settings
Nuclear missiles access threshold
Production lines modifier
China limitation
Popcheat fixed!
Changes to GTM affect the sector taxes instead

Many more things to come soon. Feel free to leave suggestions.

Server Config
The archive comes with a swiftmod_config.txt, which you can alter before launching the server. If you don't have it in your MODS/SP2 directory, the mod will automatically create a default config file.

Values: (values should come in a single line right after the corresponding keyword)
maxpit-mpd - max pit value for multi party democracy
maxpit-spd - max pit value for single party democracy
maxpit-mon - max pit value for monarchy
maxpit-mil - max pit value for military dictatorship
maxpit-com - max pit value for communist state
maxpit-the - max pit value for theocracy
maxpit-ana - max pit value for anarchy
maxsec - max sector tax value
nuke-threshold - nuclear missiles access threshold (in percentage)
prod-mod - production lines modifier
limit-china - option to forbid china from setting its resources under private control
motd - message of the day

maxpit and maxsec values
If somebody tries to set their taxes past these values, taxes will be set to the max values instead and the player will be messaged about the limit.

Countries can't nuke unless a set percentage of their regions is occupied (last resort rule, basically). Players are messaged if they try to nuke without being entitled to.

As soon as a player joins the game (after picking a country and ticking ready) he will be messaged a motd.

The amount of production lines for every country gets multiplied by this modifier. It is set to 3 by default.

If the value is set to "yes" (no spaces before and after), China won't be able to set its resources under private control, but it will, however, be able to change them from private to government controlled. (China normally starts with privatized electricity and drugs sectors)

Config example:
motd:Welcome to the server, we've got fun and games.

Server log additions
Whenever a player creates a treaty, the id of a player, a treaty type and a treaty name are output into the host's game log. This should help prevent unwanted sponsoring.
Example: #46 has created 'Common Market' treaty named "Slavetrade Program"

Q: The game crashes to the main screen when I try to launch my server.
A: Chances are, you somehow messed your swiftmod_config.txt file up. Either try and fix it or simply remove it, it'll be created automatically.

v1.2: treaty log; prod-mod, china-limit values; added a maxpit value for anarchy
v1.1: implemented a server config file with maxpit, maxsec, motd and nuke threshold.
v1.0 release: popcheat fix, which was the main goal of the mod. Now, there may or may not be several ways to popcheat, this version fixes the one which is done by ordering and cancelling a ♥♥♥♥load of infantry. added a gtm trigger and increased the number of production lines (the things gods mod is generally used for)

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