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GDP's will be different due to edits.

This mod focuses on editing Superpower2's Vanilla database and stringtable while remaining within the games default start time 2001/01/01. The goals of these edits are the following.

The correction of all 193 countries unemployment rates , population below the poverty line and the human development index raiting.

The adding of missing U.S state capitals , and in general major cities and towns.

The correction of government types that are wrong for countries that vanillia database have.

The fixing of the Latitude-Longitude deployment glitch , and the capital city capture & deployment issues.

The adjustment of diplomatic relations to better reflect the political atmosphere of 2001

The adding of missing treaties , Examples "Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO*) , Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO*) , North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA*) , United States & International Economic and Arms embargo's on Iran , iraq , North Korea , Sudan , Eritrea , Democratic Republic of the Congo , etc.

Economic changes such as adjustment of typically unplayed countries personal income tax and budget to increase development and "survivability" in singleplayer & multiplayer. Freeing up state controlled economies or placing certain resources under state control to reflect a certain aspect of a countrys economy.

Reduction of certain countries specific resources to better reflect a semi-realistic resource production of a resource that may not be as largely produced as vanillia superpower2 has currently inputted. Example's like Japan with Iron & Steel , Agriculture and raw resources in general.

Edting countries resources for better growth or staving off economic failure.


The Accuracy Mod V 0.0.1 : UPDATES/CHANGE LOG

V 0.0.1- All 193 countries now have correct unemployment rates , population living under poverty percentages and human development index rating.

V 0.0.1- Germany , Turkey & Mali troop deployment or region capture bug fixed.

V 0.0.1- Saudi Arabia , Iran , Qatar , Kuwait , Bahrain , United Arab Emirates , Oman , Libya's resource market are privately owned with the exclussion of oil production. Thailand , Burma , Malaysia , Jordan , Morocco , Sudan , Andora , Luxembourg , Liechtenstein , Monoco's resource markets are now free market.

V 0.0.1- Russia's energy & energy resource production is now state owned. Political changes to Russia , Freedom of speech and demostration are ilegal. Demographic changes to Russia , Abortion and contraception are now legal.

V 0.0.1- Cuba , China , Belarus , Laos , Venezuela , Vietnam , Iraq , Afghanistan, Turkmenistan political policies that are Freedom of speech and Freedom of demonstration are illegal. ( Will continue to update)

V 0.0.1- Turkmenistan energy production nationalised

V 0.0.1- Western European Union treaty fixed

V 0.0.1- NATO treaty no longer private , open to new members

V 0.0.1- Monaco , Luxembourg , Lichtenstien , Freedom of speech and demonstration are now legal.

V 0.0.1- New Zealand suspended from ANZUS

V 0.0.1- Minor tweaks to France , United Kingdom , Germany and Italy , Belgium , Portugal , Ireland , Austria , Denmark , Norway , Sweden , Finland's Service sectors.

V 0.0.1- Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Common market is now ingame.

V 0.0.1- Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) Military Alliance is now ingame.

V 0.0.1- Visegrád Group (Common Market ,Economic Partnership , Weapons trade , Noble Cause , Cultrual exhcange , Human Development Collaboration) treatys split into six treatys Visegrád Group #1 Visegrád Group #2 , etc.

V 0.0.1- Many countries have had their budgets adjusted to better increase the chance of successfull longterm development rather than going into a cycle of constant economic failure.

V 0.0.1- Many countries have had their debt adjusted to their correct 2001 debt , however some countries will have a slightly modified debt of the correct 2001 debt so they do not economically fail.

V 0.0.1- Afghanistan's government type changed to Theocracy , to reflect Taliban control of the country , known at the time as the "Islamic Republic of Afghanistan"

V 0.0.1- Israel now occupies all of the Gaza strip & west bank (Palestine) and the Syrian region known as "Golan Heights"

V 0.0.1- Washington , Alaska , Oregon , Idaho , Nevada , Montana , Wyoming , New Mexico , North Daktoa , South Daktoa , Missouri , Kentucky , West Virginia , Maryland , Delaware , New Jersey ,Pennysylvania , Connecticut , Vermont , New Hampshire , Maine. All missing state capitals are now ingame + Guam and American Samoa's city capitals.

V 0.0.1- The United States now has many common markets with many of its trading partners , aswell as now having alliances with Japan , Taiwan , South Korea and the Philipines and Saudi Arabia. The United States also has weapon embargos on Iran and Iraq + other military dictatorships/hostile regimes.

V 0.0.1- New Zealand and Austrlaia are in common market "trans-tasman pact of 1976" and both countries have economic embargo on Fiji (2000/2001 coup).

V 0.0.1- Iran - Iraq , Iran-Saudi Arabia , relations are negtitive now to reflect the geo-regional conflict between these nations. As well as the U.S having relations increased with Turkey , Saudi Arabia , Japan , Taiwan , South Korea & the Philipines. Also Turkey and Greece relations are normalized to fix Greece leaving N.A.T.O due to this.

V 0.0.1- Israel now has Nuclear weapons deployed.

V 0.0.1- Diplomatic Relation changes to Israel are done , Syria and Iran and Iraq and Palestine (Westbank and Gaza strip) have lower D.R than every other M.E nation. However all M.E nations with the exception of Turkey have -10 relations.

V 0.0.1- New Zealand can now domestically produce the Anzac firgate with the same stats as Australias Anzac frigate. New Zealand and Australia have an embargo on Fiji to reflect the coup in 2000/2001 and have their defence pacts with for New Zealand. Samoa and Kiribati , and for Australia , Nauru.

V 0.0.1- Samoa's free speech and demonstration laws changed to legal status.

V 0.0.1- Japan's Agrictulure , Oil Production , Raw resource production has been reduced dramatically to reflect the reaility of Japan's reliance on importation of its raw resource needs to manufacture and produce in order to maintain its neutral ballance.

V 0.0.1- Added Niue , Tokelau , The Cook islands ,

V 0.0.1- Fixed Norway's Language from Sudanese to Norwegian.

V 0.0.1- U.S Finnished Goods , Oil Production , Raw Resource's have been reduced further.

V 0.0.1- Canadian Oil production increased & electricy production increased.

V 0.0.1- Peoples Republic of China's Service Sector made default private with 20% Sector tax. This will help keep the country out of eco-failure during prolongued matches.

V 0.0.1- HD Flags Added & 2001 Era flags for each country added.

V 0.0.1- Turkey's Relations with Albania and Bosnia and Azerbijan & with NATO improved. While relations with Russia , Armenina decreased.

V 0.0.1- Serbia's relations with Bosnia , Croatia and Albania reduced.

V 0.0.1- Austria's relations fixed with Czech Republic & Slovniea , as well the German & Austrian relations have been improved.

V 0.0.1- N.A.T.O member states relations between eachother has been improved.

V 0.0.1- Mexico's military for domestically produced hardware has been updated to include 3 Patrol craft and 1 frigate , along with their research being updated. (no higher than tier 4)

V 0.0.1- Portuguals Military for domestically procuded/designed hardware has been updated to include 2 patrol craft , 2 corvettes and 1 frigate and 1 attack submarine. Along with their research being updated (no higher than tier 4)

V 0.0.1- Spains military for domestically produced/designed hardware has been updated to include 3 new IFV's , 1 Attack Helicopter , 1 Attack Aircraft ,

V 0.0.1- France nuclear tech upgraded to Tier 3 and military tech increased to all 4 with max tier 5 on individual research.

V 0.0.1- Netherlands military for domestically procuded/designed hardware has been updated to include 1 new IFV and 1 new SAM/AA. Along with their ground and air tech updated to Tier 4

V 0.0.1- Italys military for domestically produced/designed hardware has been updated to include 1 new IFV and 1 new Mobile Launcher and 1 new SPG. Along with updated tech to Tier 4.

V 0.0.1- Germanys military for domestically produced/designed hardware has been updated to include 1 new IFV , 1 new SPG , 1 new FighterAirCraft , 1 New Attack Air craft and 1 new Attack Helicopter.

V 0.0.1- Denmarks military research for ground & air are maxed at Tier 3 and navy to Tier 4.

V 0.0.1- The United Kingdoms military for domestically produced/designed hardware has been updated to include 1 new AA , 1 New Attack helicopter , 1 New Fighter aircraft , 1 new attack aircraft. Along with Ground & Air tech updated to tier 4 and Navy updated to Tier 5.

V 0.0.1- Czech Military for domestically produced/designed hardware has been updated to include 2 new IFV's , 1 new Tank , 1 new Attack Aircraft.

V 0.0.1- Polish Military for domestically produced/designed hardware has been updated to include 2 new AA , 1 new Tank , 2 new SPG's , 1 new Attack Helicopter , 1 New Transport Helicopter. Along with Air & Naval tech being updated to tier 3 and ground to tier 4.

V 0.0.1- Norwegian Military for domestically produced/designed hardware has been updated to include 1 new IFV , 2 new AA , along with air tech is Tier 2 , and ground is Tier 3 , And Navy is Tier 4 & 3

V 0.0.1- Finlands military for domestically produced/designed hardware has been updated to include 1 new AA.

V 0.0.1- Irelands military for domestically produced/designed hardware has been updated to include 1 new Patrol craft and 1 new Corvette. With 2 Patrol craft deployed around Ireland and 1 Corvette deployed in Irish waters.

V 0.0.1- Serbia's Military for domestically produced/designed hardware has been updated to include 1 new frigate , as well having 2 frigates deployed off the coast of Montenegro.

V 0.0.1- Romanian military design list to include 2 new AA , 1 new SPG

V 0.0.1- Bulgarian military design list to include 1 new AA , 1 new Tank.

V 0.0.1- Greek military design list updated to include 1 new Tank.

V 0.0.1- Turkish military design list updated to include 3 new IFV's , 1 new AA , 2 new SPG's , 1 new Corevette. And military research updated to tier 4

The Accuracy Mod V 0.0.2 : UPDATES/CHANGE LOG

V 0.0.2- Libya . Eritrea , Somalia , Oman , United Arab Emirates , Qatar , Bahrain , Saudi Arabia , Kuwait , Iraq , Bhutan , Laos , Vietnam , Brunie , Tonga , Cuba , Turkmenistan , Are now able to go MPD.

V 0.0.2- Russia now has their Black Sea Fleet in Crimea

V 0.0.2- Chinese Economy returned to full state owned.

V 0.0.2- The United States of America now has active economic embargos on Iran , Sudan , Burma , North Korea.

V 0.0.2- United State arms embargo on hostile regimes is now changed to United States & European Union Weapons embargo on hostile regimes.

V 0.0.2- United States - Iraq Relations changed to -35

V 0.0.2- Hong Kong is now playable
(Hong Kong is allied with China and included with the SCO)

V 0.0.2- Peutro Rico is now playable
(Peurto Rico is allied with the United State and has a common market with the USA)

V 0.0.2- Somaliland is now playable.
(No treaties by default , but starts with 10K Inf , 1 Patrol craft)

V 0.0.2- Autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan is now playable.
(Allied with Iraq , Noble cause , Eco-Partnership & Human Development agreement with Iraq)

V 0.0.2- Abkhazia is now playable
(Allied with Russia with a "C.I.S Peacekeeping task force" in Abkhazia)

V 0.0.2- Irelands Abortion law made Illegal from default legal

V 0.0.2- Maccau is now Playable
(Macau is allied with China and included with the SCO)

The Accuracy Mod V 0.0.3 : UPDATES/CHANGE LOG

V 0.0.3- Nation name changes to their full name or a extended verison of their name.

V 0.0.3- Indonesia High Resource Production due to GTM mistype in editor fixed and set to default 0. (Noticeable to those using SDK's that dont edit the GTM feature)

V 0.0.3- All nations nuclear research budget has been reduced to 0 with the exception of non-NPT nations.

V 0.0.3- New Zealand Realm with its self governing lands , and alliance treatys created.

V 0.0.3- The UK's Falkland force is redone to the specifics of the modern taskforce.

V 0.0.3- River Class Patrol craft added to UK unit building list.

V 0.0.3- China is a full state owned economy once again.

The Word Accuracy Mod V3B+ : UPDATES/CHANGE LOG

V 3B+ All countries start with 2% inflation by default now.

V 3B+ Serbian resources modified to meet with new consumption demands roughly 1/4 met.

V 3B+ Somalia's poverty reduced to 45% , unemployment to 80% , along with new aid treaties.

V 3B+Benelux Economic Union (Benelux) switched into a commonmarket & the economic strength is removed and the treaty closed off.

V 3B+ Benelux Economic Partnership , Benelux Cultural Exchange , Benelux Human Development Collaboration , Benelux Noble Cause , Benelux Weapons Trade Agreement , Benelux Defense Agreement. These treaties are to represent the cooperation & unity between these three countries (Belgium,Luxembourg,Netherlands)

V 3B+ European Space Agency (ESA/Research partnership) Treaty has been edited (removed all conditions except Geographic proximity requiring to be just Europe & not just Western Europe.) This is because many A.I nations tend to reduce their research budget or drop out of the economic strength requirement.

V 3B+ Arab Cooperation Council (ACC) Removed , the treaty is outdated and the Council disbanded during the 1990's. Instead turn into the GCC's Commonmarket. (GCC= Gulf Cooperation Council)

V 3B+ GCC/Gulf Cooperation Council conditions edited (Political requirement to be monarch removed , and military strength removed)

V 3B + Southern Cone Common Market (Mercosur) has been changed to a common market treaty. Conditons removed with the exception of geographic proximity only allows those in South America to join the treaty. Even though there are only four full members , i added the associated members due them having access to the free trade agreement.

V 3B+ Vatican City State "Womens Sufferage" made illegal.

V 3B + All South American "Child labor laws" changed to "illegal" from default "legal"

V 3B+ Belgium , France , Canada , Switzerland Same Sex Marriage changed to illegal from default legal and Netherlands made legal from default illegal.

V 3B+ Romania - Moldvoa relations improved to reflect the postive relations of the post-soviet era between the two nations.

V 3B+ East African Community Treaties created , East African Community Economic Cooperation Agreement , East African Community Greater Economic Unity , East African Community Economic Integration , East African Community Economic Mandates , East African Community Common Currency , East African Community Human Development Collaboration Protocols , East African Community Cultural Exchange Agreement , East African Community Cultural Preservation Act , East African Community Cultural Preservation Protocols , East African Community Unity Act , East African Community Unification Of The Peoples Agreement , East African Community Noble Cause , East African Community Inter-governmental Agreement On Intergration .

The Word Accuracy Mod V3C+ : UPDATES/CHANGE LOG

V 3C + New Zealand now has 26 A-4 Skyhawk Kahu attack aircraft and is able to be produced domestically.

V 3C + Fire Power Defense Agreement (FPDA) Has been added, (United Kingdom, Malaysia , Singapore , Australia and New Zealand) are now allied.

V 3C + Malaysia Military for domestically produced/designed hardware has been updated to include 1 new IFV/APC.

V 3C + New Zealand now has 6 Protector Class patrol craft deployed and are able to be produced domestically.

V 3C + Niuean deployment glitch fixed

V 3C + Hidden unit design for black sea fleet has been hidden again.

V 3C + An attempt to limit services rapidly growing in New Zealand and Australia due to Common Markets signed with China & India. (U.S.M)

V 3C + African Union Human Development Treaty now present in game.

The Word Accuracy Mod V3C++ : UPDATES/CHANGE LOG

V 3C++ Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa )COMESA) added.

V 3C++ Hezbollah added to Lebanons list of political parties.

V 3C++ The Syrian occupation of Lebanon is now ingame, Syrian forces now occupy 2/5th's of Lebanon. Refering to the Syrian occupation of Lebanon from 1976 to 2005. Depending on what SDK you're using the A.I will annex occupied lands.

V 3C++ Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste / East Timor is now a playble country. By default its relations are negitive with Indonesia, and somewhat postive with Australia and New Zealand , the United Kingdom and the United States. All though not having its independence restored until 2002. Australia - New Zealand forces will be present on the island and have a military tresspassing right with East Timor.Demographics have been changed aswell.

The Word Accuracy Mod V3D : UPDATES/CHANGE LOG

V 3D - Finland & Russia realtions normalised, Finland and Estonia now have postive relations.

V 3D - Added Vermonts state capital , also added Dover and Calais.

V 3D - India now has deployed nuclear weapons, unlike in vanila where India had no deployed nuclear weapons.

V 3D - Reduced Israeli Nuclear tech.

V 3D - Corrected Israeli nuclear launch points in game.

V 3D - Fixes to my grammar errors in the stringtable.

The Word Accuracy Mod V3.1 : UPDATES/CHANGE LOG

V 3.1 - China now has 3 free trade agreements with South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

V 3.1 - Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is now a open common market treaty locked to Asian countries only.

V 3.1 - Brazil and Pakistan have had minor economic changes, increased resource production due to poverty reduction.

V 3.1 - Luxembourg is now a MPD by default

V 3.1 - 1 New IFV , 2 New attack air craft , 3 new patrol craft and 1 new corvette has been added to the list of Brazils domestically producible military units. Additionally, the Brazilian Air Craft Carrier "Minas Gerais" has been removed from the list, and the São Paulo has been added to Brazilian Navy.

V 3.1 - Brazil and Argentina no longer have fully researched nukes.

V 3.1 - Norway can now produce tobacco and vehicles.

V 3.1 - Sweden can now produce tobacco.

V 3.1 - Finland can now produce tobacco.

V 3.1 - Denmark can now produce tobacco and vehicles.

V 3.1 - United Kingdom can now produce tobacco.

V 3.1 - Netherlands can now produce tobacco

V 3.1 - Luxembourg can now produce vehicles, machinery and tobacco.

V 3.1 - Ireland can now produce vehicles and tobacco.

V 3.1 - Switzerland can now produce vehicles.

V 3.1 - Lichtenstein can now produce electricity.

V 3.1 - Slovenia can now produce tobacco.

V 3.1 - Croatia can now produce vehicles

V 3.1 - Bosnia and Herzegovina can now produce Vehicles.

V 3.1 - Albania can now produce plastic & Vehicles and luxury commodities.

V 3.1 - Greece can now produce vehicles.

V 3.1 - Slovakia can now produce Vehicles.

V 3.1 - Estonia can now produce vehicles & Machinery.

V 3.1 - Latvian can now produce tobacco & vehicles

V 3.1 - Lithuania can now produce tobacco and vehicles.

V 3.1 - Belarus can now produce vehicles and produces 1M worth.

V 3.1 - Placed Venezuela Fossil Fuel under state ownership.

V 3.1 - Morocco can now produce vehicles.

V 3.1 - Algeria can now produce vehicles.

V 3.1 - Tunisia can now produce vehicles.

V 3.1 - Libya can now produce vehicles and machinery.

V 3.1 - Israel can now produce Tobacco , Vehicles and Fossil fuel. Golan Heights which is occupied by Israel also has additional fossil fuels to add to the 2015 discovery of large oil and natural gas.

V 3.1 - Jerusalem deployment bug fixed.

V 3.1 - Language Demographics edited for New Zealand, and Maori made an official language of New Zealand.

V 3.1 – Chinese death rate dramatically reduced.

V 3.1 – Added Nazareth and Bethlehem

V 3.1 – Added eight new cities to Libya

V 3.1 – The ehe included changes some nations behaviors, with a emphasis on ordering units, keeping taxes low, using diplomatic options, certain countries remaining dictatorships or monarchies, some countries changing to a random government type, etc. These have had mixed results in different games both online and offline.

V 3.1 – India birth rate edited.

V 3.1 – Corrected duplicate cities in the United States I added by accident.

V 3.1 – Included config edits research times, and as well as increased build or decreased build times for certain units. To see the edits, open the config.

V 3.1 – "Palestine" doesn't have a capital anymore.

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