The Man in the High Castle Mod 1.2
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The Man in the High Castle is a book by Philip K. ???? [Steam filters the name]. The book is set in 1964, in an alternate history where the Axis wins World War Two.

The mod is BASED on the book, and may not totally align with it, I'm trying to be creative, so when giving suggestions, think outside the box!

Known issue:

-Political Parties seem to be 1 or 2 strings off (i.e Japan is ruled by Jordan's royal family)

Maybe in the future if I don't get lazy:

-Custom units



The Man in the High Castle Mod for Superpower 2 by The Patriot


Version 1.2 (Current)
+ Kingdom of Italy completed
+ German African colonies finished
+ Empire of Japan completed
+ Japanese Raj created
+ Indonesia now East Indies (new flag as well)
+ Puerto Rico now German States of America territory

+/- Rocky Mountain Buffer Zone renamed Neutral Zone and a new flag
+/- Imperial Empire of Japan renamed Empire of Japan
+/- Spain now military dicatorship
+/- Sweden now monarchy
+/- Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, and Finland now military dictatorships
+/- Various law changes

Version 1.1
+ Japan acquires China and Korea
+ Germany gets naval units in North America
+ Italy acquires Turkey, Syria, and Iraq

+/- Fascist states renamed German States of America

+ Misc. law changes

Version 1.0
+ Added Greater German Reich
+ Added Imperial Empire of Japan
+ Added Kingdom of Italy
+ Added Fascist States of America
+ Added Pacific States of America
+ Added Rocky Mountain Buffer Zone

+ Italy acquires Balkan states
+ Germany acquires most of Europe and 1/2 of Russia, colony in Newfoundland
+ Japan acquires 1/2 of Russia and all Pacific islands

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