USM & HDM V-13.6
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Updated 2020-03-20

13.6 Update economic score formula.
13.6 Update Iterate Demand formula.

13.5 Update global economy to work better with T.W.A.M
13.5 Including special server.dll for Geopolitic with lower income
from taxes to compensate for the lack of 20 years of budget spending inflation versus
the 2020 GDP data from countries of Geopolitics mod

13.4 Fix 3 major economic formula who cause -1# economic data with some database mod.
13.4 Add server.dll for the Geopolitical mod in option.

13.3 Fix economic formula issue
13.3 Update global market
13.3 Now USM is no more tested around vanilla but with T.W.A.M

13.2 Economic Health now have more impact on your gvt aproval
13.2 New update for economic growth

13.1 Fix Trade Market

13.0 Update USM to work with last update V-1.5.6
13.0 Raise combat speed

12.9 Adapted mod for Vanilla

12.8 Fix bug who cause #-1 with MrMondayMod

12.7 Now AI should not pass over 100% of his GDP in DEBT

12.6 Update units upkeep cost.

12.5 Change economic strength formula
12.5 Update revenue from tax
12.5 Now when you annex a country you have to replace only a fraction of the currency from the country you have annexed
12.5 Lower the combat speed that's mean it take more times in war to conquer a country
12.5 Update market share, now no countries like USA or china will steal all the market share.
12.5 African countries now have more market share after 2 or 3 years play.

V-12.4 Update Client.dll, Now you can no longer having export in a sector that you needed import.
V-12.4 Now including optional server.dll who let interest rate controlled by the central bank itself.

V-12.3 Now export tax will be pay by the importer.
V-12.3 Update market.
V-12.3 Now all differents laws will have different effect on approval rating and strike who cause temporary unemployment.

V-12.2 Fix african countries to growth normaly.

V-12.1 Add new server msg for some treaty
V-12.1 Back with the ratio of revenue from tax of 11.7
V-12.1 Update AI aggressiveness, AI should be a little bit more active

V-11.9 Fix Nuclear research
V-11.9 Back with the same potential GDP growth ratio from 11.7

V-11.8 USM will now only allow a money reserve of 10%, your country will otherwise begin to remove further supply from your economy.
It is now only possible to hold a money reserve of 10% of your GDP. Accruing a supply any higher will apply major penalties to your country's GDP growth.
V-11.8 Now, when you annex a country, your country acts on the fact that it will first have to assume the debt, and then replace all of the monetary supply.
This means that you will have to print new money to replace the old currency of the annexed country
V-11.8 Reactived increase production button of 5%, 10%, 25%
V-11.8 Updated Client.dll to be ''OBM Ready'' Credits Gotaa !
V-11.8 Add new server msg when a country begun nuclear reserch and since I noticed that the reserch bar to reach tech level 1 was block at 0%,
I have fix AI to manage it, then a other server msg will appear when AI start reserch to reach tech level 1 balistic misile.
V-11.8 Update Strings Tables
V-11.8 Update AI agressivness to be more playable with nuclear weapon without a mess of war from AI.
V-11.8 Update EHE.
V-11.8 Update Bankruptcy to be a bit less harder.

V-11.7 Fix the inflation factor
V-11.7 About Debt now. Debt is a lever to create new money in the economy, then if your debt raise too fast this is mean that it will create mass amount of money into your economy, so the result will be a raise of inflation if you not keep a good Debt-to-GDP ratio, so if you want to keeping your countries safe from high inflation or hyperinflation you need to keep a Debt-to-GDP not too high. To find how is your Debt-to-GDP ratio the formula is simple ( Debt / GDP ). Example if your GDP is 100$ and your debt is 25$ your Debt-to-GDP is
( 25 / 100 = 0.25 ) that's mean that you have a Debt-to-GDP ratio of 25%.

V-11.6 Now AI will not build AMDS untill the AI country reach 500B$ revenue
V-11.6 Education and Research budget spending now have an impact on speed that take to research AMDS
V-11.6 Fix mistaken code of when you have 0% interest level and your debt surpass your GDP, so now you will really do bankrupt.

V-11.5 Client.dll updated, Now the button for increase production of 5%, 10%, 25% have been deactivated.
The main reason of this update is to discourage some players who set his interest level at 0% and spam the increase production button
V-11.5 Server.dll updated, Now if your interest level is at 0% and your debt is more than your GDP you will bankrupt,
The main reason is the same is to discourage some player who think that he could never fail because of 0% interest on debt but if your interest level is not 0% you will not fail if your debt is more than your GDP untill you fail to pay the interest on your debt
V-11.5 Update AI. Now whatever the reason why you've been invaded by an AI country,
now AI will accept free region treaty if your relation between your both country goes under -75%.
V-11.5 Updated inflation rate.
V-11.5 Updated Epidemic event, Now epidemic have more impact on death and have temporary huge impact on unemployement.
V-11.5 Fix number of children by family laws to make it work in the right way.
V-11.5 Back with the original code from HDM V-10.8 for birth and death rate since now it work very fine after fixing number of children by family.
V-11.5 Now when you forget to take care of your inflation and your inflation goes upper 3% you will not loosing GDP but your production will stop to growth.
V-11.5 Now the budget spending, Income Tax, Value Added-Tax, Population in poverty, Unemployment have a more significant impact on consumption.
V-11.5 Now budget spending on research not only help to reach level 10 in military but also help get new tech for the companies, so this is mean that it will help companies to have better production growth in futur then if you have reached level 10 in millitary and you plan to put your budget spending on research at 0$ now it's a bad thing to do for economic growth. Infrastructure is also needed to help production growth and finaly an low unemployment rate too.
V-11.5 All unpopular laws will cause temporary strike and will affect unemployment rate.
V-11.5 Updated String table

V-11.4 Add chat log msg if a country do bankruptcy only from countries controlled by humans player
V-11.4 Fix AI countries, now you should notice no bankruptcy from countries controlled by AI

V-11.3 Updated sp2_cfg_server. Faster ITERATION_PERIOD to 0.2
V-11.3 Updated AI Aggressiveness in the SDK to prevent to create a mess of war because of faster ITERATION_PERIOD
V-11.3 Update EHE AI will build a bit more Soldier depending on his need
V-11.3 Improve AI intelligence, ai should have better control on budget and on his interest level.
V-11.3 Fix issue who make some poor countries fall into negative GDP

V-11.2 Update. Fix client.dll. After noticed same issue for override election ( martial law) Now player have no longer the ability of override the election of other country without occupation

V-11.1 Update EHE, now Rebels will not change his gouvernment type since I noticed a
game crash due of unexistence political party in database from vanilla
V-11.1 Update Client.dll, Fix bugg who made player able to change gouvernment type from other country without occupation.

V-11 Update EHE
V-11 AI Have an better control of his debt
V-11 AI build appropriate military based on his need

V-10.9 Now AI will keep his debt under 100% of his GDP

10.8 Fix AI countries who make unwanted bankrupt
10.8 AI will have now the ability to build a bit more units by command
10.8 Raised the capacity of production of military per year

V-10.7 Fix AI disband units

V 10.6 Now AI is able to change sleeping convert cell to be active.
V 10.6 Update EHE

V-10.5 Now AI can build naval units only if they have water on his border.

V-10.4 Improve AI
V-10.4 AI now build naval units. Credite Gotaa!

V-10.3 Download :
V-10.3 Fix budget to see our real deficit, So its mean that you need surplus budget to lower debt like the others mod but USM still have a debt service that the interest pay on debt is your interest level that you set to control inflation.
V 10.3 Improved many part of the economie, tax etc.
V 10.3 Removed cap on export.
V 10.3 Add unemployment factor on income tax, that's mean when unemployment raise, your revenue from tax is lower.
V 10.3 Now the revenue from VAT is add to the sum of the income tax for not appear to be an market revenue because this tax is pay from tax payers
V-10.3 Fix AI issue to work his interest level when deflation happen

V-10.1 new link - Strings Update

V-10.1 Inflation, Deflation, Stagflation, Hyperinflation are possible now.
V-10.1 Updated, Economic Health metter, the interest level have no effect on this metter now, then in this way this metter show your real economic health.
V-10.1 Updated Inflation, Now Income tax, VAT Value Add Tax, Budget Slide, Interest level have more effect on Inflation. So if you don't want loosing control of it then don't make drastic move. The better way to keep inflation in control is to make gradual move on what it consern tax and Budget and Interest.
V-10.1 Fix annexation time, Now it take 4 years to annex.
V-10.1 Fix Common market and Research Partnership treaties, AI will be more willing to accept those treaties when in debt.
V-10.1 Updated Market production for each resources.
V-10.1 Limit export to 15% more than you interior consumption, In this way countries like USA have not too big export all sector and let other countries able to export too.

V-10 Fix all treaties to let AI able to accept it if his deficit is not too high, So you should not see UpkeepTooHigh except if an country is already in a economic depression or recession.
V-10 Updated Client.dll and Server.dll Mod name ''USM & HDM V-10''
V-10 Updated hdm_cfg_server.
V-10 Updated EHE.xml
V-10 Updated Strings.Tables ''thanks Gotagetgoing''

V-9.9 Updated Client.dll and Server.dll Mod name ''USM & HDM V-9.9''
V-9.9 Improve death and bitrh rate.
V-9.9 Updated hdm_cfg_server.
V-9.9 Updated EHE.xml
V-9.9 Improve Market Trade.
V-9.9 USM is no longer compatible with new export mechanic from HDM, so if you use USM with new export mechanic from HDM the game should not work apropriatly.

V-9.8 Improve AI

V-9.7 Add. New Strings.Tables who replace, Debt by ''Debt Service' and Global Tax Mod by Value-Added Tax, and more to match with USM.
You can have a definition from both by putting your cursor on it and press F1.
Special thanks to Gotagetgoing for making it !!!

V-9.6 Remove and replace fixe World Economic Depression by random events who's already exist in the game that I have improved!
Random Economic Depression,
Random Market Crash,
Random Economic Boom.
No longer All countries will be in economic depression at the same time now.
So now you can be victims of these 3 things somewhere during the game.

V-9.6 Trade Market Sector Tax, Now the Import and Export is directly affected by the level of these tax and these tax (Sector Tax), taxes only what is imported or exported ...

V-9.6 Replaced GTM to be a Value-Added Tax (VAT), So now GTM can be used as a VAT to be able to taxe product, so GTM no longer affect sector trade and no longer taxing import/export but only your production as a Value-Added Tax. So Value-Added Tax level directly affect your consumption growth,
So this tax can slower,stoping or reducing your consumption growth, so be carefull.

Update USM II V-9.5

V-9.5 Update Market, Sector tax affect more the importation and sector tax now taxes only what is really traded so if your taxes too high you may pass over the line and you may loose too much trade and starting to losing money...
Now thats open the way for big country like USA and CHINA to play an economic war game.

For example: You play as CHINA and you have put all (services) resources in private sector, You will import large quantity of theses resources from USA and see that USA player start to over taxing theses resources export in that sector for having more money
and you had ask the USA player to lowering taxes and USA still have high taxes.
Then now You can lower or stopping import from USA by raising tax in this sector too !

But if put very high tax for completly stop import theses resources from USA you will see USA losing production from that sector,losing money and GDP but you will also lost money from trade in that sector but no impact for your production,
because your production is under than your consumption and the sector tax not taxing production but trade.

Update USM II V-9.4
V-9.4 Adjusting revenue from tourism.
V-9.4 Sector tax have now more effect on export/import and production.
V-9.4 Merge USM II V-9.4 with HDM V-10.8

Update USM II V-9.3
V-9.3 When a country (AI) economic fail due of anarchy, the convert cells are not disbanded,
that prevent (AI) countries to fall into a spiral anarchy due of convert actions from other (AI)

Update USM II V-9.2
V-9.2 Improve AI to be enough smart to get out of anarchy

Update USM II V-9.1
V-9.1 Merge USM II V-9.1 to HDM V10.7
V-9.1 Balance revenue from income tax Vs revenue from trade. That mean a bit less revenue from income tax and a bit more from trade then in this way economic embargo have more impact than before.
V-9.1 Income tax have more effect on stability.
V-9.1 Budget in gouvernment and income tax affect more corruption, that's mean that corruption cost could be more high than before.

Update USM II V-9 Update:
1 - Balance revenue from income tax Vs revenue from trade. That mean a bit less revenue from income tax
and a bit more from trade then in this way economic embargo have more impact than before.
2 - Income tax have more effect on stability.
3 - Budget in gouvernment and income tax affect more corruption, that's mean that corruption cost could be more high than before.

Update USM II V-8 Update:
1 - Improve effect from income tax and inflation on consumption and production.
2 - Fix. the mod to be capable to work with some database issue.

Update USM II V-7 Update:
1 - Now, income tax and inflation rate have more effect on consumption and production.

Update USM II V-6 Update:
1 - More years between economic depresionn
2- Eco. depression is now more slower and easy.
3 - Fix Pop. in poverty

Update USM II V-5 Update:
1 - I make few adjustment on the economy.
2 - Merge USM II to HDM 10.3

Update USM II V-4 Update:
1 - Merge USM II to HDM 10.3

Update USM II V-3 Update:
1 - Fix. Embargo now work in two way, exportation and importation, not only on importation that's mean that embargo have more effect now.
2 - Fix. Military build for AI.
3 - Add, Economic depression during the game.
4 - Add, new server message when economic depression began and when it end.
5 - Add, Server message when world economic crisis happen and when the economic depression ends.
6 - Fix server message when economic depression happen, fixed to be only one message from server.
7- Including Slajavck Mod - T.W.A.M V 0.0.1
8- Including Gotagetgoing Texture Mod Link.

About Uncle Sam Mod :

1- In this MOD you not paying only Interest on your debt, now it's a Debt Service of 10% per year, so this is mean that you pay principal + interest
because the interest paid on your debt is now tie to your interest level
that you fix by yourself for controlling the inflation.

See picture for an example to

Then by the fact that you set your own interest paid on your national debt you are able to paid back your debt without to need any surplus from your budget

For example if you have set your interest level at 2% you will pay 8% in principal on your national debt per years.

(EX1) - If your total National Debt is 1 000 000$, and your budget balance is 0$
Your debt service is 10% of your total Debt per year.
So, it will be 100 000$ .

If your interest level is 2%
You will paid 2% of 1 000 000$ in interest = 20 000$
And you will paid 8% of 1 000 000$ in principal = 80 000$
Total debt at the end of the year (Debt - Principal) 1 000 000$ - 80 000$ = 920 000$

Then without any budget surplus and 0 deficit at the end of the year,
your total Debt will be 920 000$.

(EX2) - You can also be able to reduce your Debt and having deficit in same time for example,

If your total National Debt is 5 000 000$,
Interest level at 3%,
Budget Deficit of 125 000$

Your debt service will be 10% of 5 000 000$ = 500 000$
Interest level 3% of 5 000 000$ = 150 000$
National Budget Deficit = 125 000$

The principal paid on Debt will be, 500 000$ - 150 000$ - 125 000$ = 225 000$
The National Debt will be at the end of the year
Total Debt - Principal
5 000 000$ - 225 000$ = 4 775 000$ -> Debt at the end of the year.

2- Trade Market updated

Consumption is affected by,
Income Tax Rate,
Budget Slide Ratio,
Interest Level,
Inflation Rate,

*This is mean that you need consumption growth if you want to have economic growth,
then if you don't care about thoses things, you may be in trouble in a long run!

*if you see your consumption going down it's maybe because of this
Income Tax Rate Too High,
Budget Slide Ratio Too Low,
Inflation Rate Too High,

3- Production is affected by,
Inflation Rate, ''Best inflation to have is between 2% & 3%''
Sector Tax,
Budget Slide Ratio, Infrastructure, Environment, Health Care, Education, Telecom.

*If you see your Production going down, it's maybe because of this.
1-You're not albe to trade surplus production in the market,
2-Your Inflation is too high,
3-your consumption is going down and the surplus production that's created is not traded in the market,
4-Sector tax too high,
5-Random event of economic crash,

4- Economic Health is affected by.
Income Tax Rate,
Budget Slide Ratio,
Interest Level, ''If you have high interest level to keep your inlfation close to 2% that's mean that you have an high economic health''

5-Inflation is affected by, ''(Best inflation to have is between 2% & 3%)''
Interest Level,
Budget Slide Ratio,
Income Tax Rate,
Economic Health

6 - New AI intelligence.

7 - Income Tax Level, Budget Slide on Infrastructure, Environnement, Health Care, Education, Telecom now affect more your consumption.

8 - The inflation level vs Interest level have been fixed for more realism.

9 - If you lose election you will not be game over.

10 - Military Speed Units fix to be like T-3 when you are at T-4

12- If you're not able paying the interest of your debt that will cause a Shutdown of your Budget Slide

13- Unemployment is now calculate on the economic average of the country

14- Now if you invade a country, the country who've been invaded will see his stability going down and his unemployment going up.

15- If your budget income is less than 9 * your debt service you will bankrupt.


MODDER : Uncle Sam & BlasterMillennia

USM Credits: BlasterMillennia, Gotaa, Mr Monday, BlueS3xy, Slajavck, Drukalovisck .

USM & HDM Credits:
- Fenix/memento mori for code suggestions, support, and testing help.
- awolfska for testing help.
- BlueS3xy`=;], Erövraren, IceyVVind, Illuminati, -Jesse-, Mr Monday, p2, Paco Jiangxi Dandong, Radu, Slajavck, Tannman, The Patriot, thereversedguy, and ZDisket for suggestions and support.
- Many more people on the HDM discussion thread and the SP2 Discussion forum.
- Jean-René Couture and GolemLabs for releasing the SP2 SDK and supporting the SP2 community.

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