Uncle Sam Mod v12
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* This MOD have been tested with the original SP2 mod then it may could not working
as well with other mod who have changed the starter GDP and Debt of countries in the

1- Trade Market updated.

Consumption is now affected by,

Income Tax Rate,
Budget Slide Level,
Interest Rate,
Inflation Rate,
Unemployment Rate,
Poverty level,
National Stability Level,

*This is mean that you need consumption growth if you want to have economic growth then if you don't care about thoses things you may be in trouble in a long run!

So if you see your consumption going down it's maybe because of this

Income Tax Rate Too High,
Budget Slide Level Too Low,
Interest Rate Too High,
Inflation Rate Too High,
Unemployment Rate Too High,
Poverty level Too High,
National Stability Too Low,

*So, This is not mean that if you have lost control of your economy that you will be able to make your economy back and having fast result with lower taxes and raise spending. That may take some years to reverse, so that may cause sometime huge deficit and debt growth.

2- In this MOD you not paying only Interest on your debt, now it's a Debt Service of 10% per year, so this is mean that you pay principal + interest,
because the interest paid on your debt is now tie to your interest level that you fix by yourself for controling the inflation.

Then by the fact that you set your own interest paid on your nationnal debt you are able to paid back your debt without to need any surplus from your budget

Then if you have set your interest level at 2% you will pay 8% in principal of your total nationnal debt

for example.

EX1- If your total Nationnal Debt is 1 000 000$,
Your debt service will be 10% of your total Debt by year.
It will be 100 000$ for a year.

If your interest level is 2%
You will paid 2% of your total debt = 20 000$

And 8% of your total debt in principal = 80 000$
Total debt at the end of the year (Debt - Principal) 1 000 000$ - 80 000$ = 920 000$

Then without any budget surplus and 0 deficit at the end of the year,
your total Debt will be 920 000$.

EX2- You can also be able to reduce your Debt and having deficit in same time for example,

If your total Nationnal Debt is 5 000 000$,
Interest level at 3%,
Budget Deficit of 125 000$

Your debt service will be 10% of 5 000 000$ = 500 000$
Interest level 3% of 5 000 000$ = 150 000$
Nationnal Budget Deficit = 125 000$

The principal paid on Debt will be, 500 000$ - 150 000$ - 125 000$ = 225 000$
The Nationnal Debt will be at the end of the year
Total Debt - Principal
5 000 000$ - 225 000$ = 4 775 000$ Debt at the end of the year.

3 - New AI intelligence. Now the AI will raise and lower taxes for not having a Budget Deficit more than 3% of the GDP and will Raise and Lower Interest Level for having around 2% Inflation.

4 - Income Tax Level, Budget Slide on Infrastructure, Environnement, Health Care, Education, Telecom now affect more the Economic Health.

5 - The inflation level vs interest level have been fixed for more realism.

6 - Now if you lost the election you will not be game over.

7 - Annexation take lot more time to be done. If you want to be able to annex a country, you will need to stabilize the country before be able to annex it.

8 - Military Speed Units fix to be like T-3 when you are at T-4

9 - Max Sector Tax fix to 50%
GTM is fixed like the God Mod, no longer will the game have the ability to do a double tax, Now you can set the taxes of all your resources at once; using the Gtm. Values above 50% are reserved.

.Setting GTM to 75% will set ALL state controlled resources to Private Control (i.e. non GvtControl)

.Setting GTM to 80% will set ALL private controlled resources to Public Control (i.e. turn them all GvtControl)

.Setting GTM to 85% will set ALL state controlled resources to *Meet Domestic Consumption*

.Setting GTM to 90% will set ALL state controlled resources to illegal - Not enabled.

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