United Nations v1.5
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This mod uses: MrMondaysMod4.0

If you want play in the simgle or host multiplayer game, and be one of the most power nations, but no want be the United States or other tradicional country the "UnitedNations-V1.5" is one way.
In this mod you can play with the United Nations as one country.The country have sea access and many peace forces around the world.
Take the world or control the other players in server; you have chance to decid between war or peace in name of humanity ;)

Added features:

- United Nations is now one country with 5 millions of habitantes;
- The country have two regions: Genevé(Switzerland) and lezhe(Albania);
- United Nations have AMDS Shield;
- United Nations have troops in missions of peace around the world;
- United Nations have exclusive units;
- United Nations have most advanced tecnology in the world;
- Most country have name changed for oficial names;
- Most country have flags update;
- China now is free market economy;
- AMDS Shield had reduced the chances of success;
- Units production time was cut in half;
- Now is possible reach the tech level 10;
- Game start in 2015/09/26.

Credits for W108R and MrMondaysMod4.0

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