SuperPower 2 Unofficial Patch 1.5.3b
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>: All units of AI controlled countries will now be trained without waiting for ehe objectives to trigger them.
(this addresses the problem of official SuperPower 2 Engine not calling it's member functions or doing so too late. Now you will be able to see that all AI countries will train their units often or instantly depending on the AI aggression slider.)

>: Ai will now get a 1% chance to nuclearize country when ai aggression is maxed, and it can afford to.
(Ai will also build nukes more often)

>: Added PowerSaving Mode: Time will not progress until there is at least one human playing on the server.
(now you can save power while there are no human palyers in-game).

>: Improved AI Unit Production: AI will no longer clog up a countrie's production queue if constantly ordering units from that country.

>: AI will now save more money to improve resource productions and to build a bigger army.
(AI countries will buy many units from other countries if it suits them)

>: AI will favour research more than previously & will spend more money on reasearch.
(No magic tricks here just AI making better choices on budget cuts)

>: Added "Server.txt" for people to limit taxes to desired values.
(This file will also be used for future additions to the game.)

>: Added MaxGlobalTaxMod and MaxResourceTax to Server.txt file.
(If MaxGlobalTaxMod/MaxResourceTax in "Server.txt" is 0 then the global tax modifier in-game will be limited to 0. Changing the global tax modifier in-game will set all sector taxes to the entered input.)

>: Updated GLOBAL BANK: Data will be logged to "Server" console so you know what's happening.
(You will see how much a country borrows and how much it pays back each month).

>: Improved Patch performance by replacing redundant lines of code with faster code and by tweaking.
(Mod source code will soon be publicly available and easy to modify or add to other projects.)

>: I will now be able to build or buy units during war time.

?? TODO:
>: Unofficial SuperPower 2 AI can now also help human players if LazyHomosepians is set to 1 inside "Server.txt" and the in-game Advisor for that player is set to Automatic.
>: ADDITION: Non-Admin players can now change game speed and AI aggression once per month.

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>: Added missing code to enable the AI to build or buy units If they can afford to (lots of units!).
(AI Countries will Order a unit from another Country if it does not have any designs for that type of unit, or if it can find a better alternative on the black market.)

>: Added better code to enable the AI to train units more frequently and even faster when AI Aggressiveness slider is not all the way to the left.
(If AI Aggressiveness is Maxed, AI units gain instant training to ELITE. Else AI units gain a chance for instant training to the next level.)

>: AI Aggressiveness slider now controls when the ai will use nukes on their enemies!
(If AI Aggressiveness slider is maxed (dragged all the way to the right) the ai will nuke you as soon as you take one region from them!)
(If the slider were to be placed in the middle then the ai will nuke whoever stole the most regions once it has lost at least 50% of it's regions!)

>: 1) Added code that enables AI countries to nuke enemy armies if it cannot defeat them in combat! In Official SP2 the ai can only target civilians with nukes.
>: 2) AI will now target multiple enemies with nukes if those enemies have stolen regions from the AI.
(How much nukes the AI uses against it's enemies depends on the amount they have and most importantly the AI Aggressiveness slider.)

>: Coded a whole new feature called Global Bank so countries drowning in debt can take loans that will help them build up their economy as they pay it back in 1-10 years.
(Poorer countries will benefit from Concessional interest rates, where as ritcher countries can take Secured or Unsecured loans which are slightly higher in interest rates.)
(The more time a country takes to pay the loan the higher the interest rate. The important thing here is that the Global Bank will enable struggling AI countries to have cash early on to increase their resources with and prosper.)

>: AI will now smartly adjust it's expenses accordingly to avoid drowning in debt.

>: Re-programmed how the AI increases it's resource production, and how it lowers or increases it's resource taxes.
(The new code enables the ai to make better choices when increasing or decreasing its resource taxes or increasing resource productions)

>: AI will now use propaganda to it's advantage when performing budget cuts.
(The AI will keep it's propaganda up while performing cuts on other costly budget expenses.)

>: Fixed a bug in SP2 that caused the ai to enroll 10 times less men than it was supposed to.
(The ai can now correctly enroll 2% of it's manpower.)

>: Fixed a bug in SP2 that prevents the ai from using nukes when the AI Aggressiveness slider is maxed.
(This nasty bug that exists in official SP2 causes a glitch that prevents the AI from nuking when AI Aggressiveness is at 100%.)

~ You can increase the game's 0.1 inside (sp2_cfg_server.xml) if you prefer a slower paced game like in vanilla which makes the engine execute ai OBJECTIVES less often (NOT RECOMMENDED).
The only difference between the official (sp2_cfg_server.xml) and the one my mod comes with is 0.1.

~ In Official SuperPower 2 countries are given objectives with priorities which are loaded from (ehe_entities.xml), these priorities can make mods seem useless even when they work!
For instance, if a country has a low priority in training units, it will train units late compared to other countries depending on the number between 0.XXXXXX.
That makes it seem like certain mod features such as instantly train units to elite is broken when it is not. My solution to this problem is to modify the priorities yourself,
if you know what each one stands for, or alternatively use my (ehe_entities.xml) located inside the folder (NEW EHE's) by copying and pasting inside (SP2_1.5.3).

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