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Tired of the GLEditor always crashing at random and nonsensical moments? Want faster operations?
Easier and better editing?
Wanted to make your own database mod only to figure out that the GLEditor's instability is a hot steel rod up the♥♥♥♥♥♥

What is it?
ZDEditor is tool built on the same database engine that SP2 operates, which means it can edit .GDB files, just like GolemLab's GLEditor. The only thing it has from the GL one is the database engine and interface; everything else has been rewritten in pure, 2018 C++.
Aside from the stability, ZDEditor has a few tools to help make modding easier.

Since V0.75, the editor can edit string tables, getting rid of having to use a separate program for string tables.

What is ZDEditorRS+?
ZDEditorRS+ is a complete rewrite of ZDEditor using the Qt framework, since MFC's limitations (what ZDEditor was built on) have been more and more clear as development of the editor went on, until they were too significant and doing otherwise simple stuff became difficult. As such, I decided to abandon the original tool's development and do a complete rewrite in Qt.
The advantages for ZDEditorRS+ include:
Up to 80% more speed
A much better UI with a special dark theme
More stability


+ Added Add, Remove and Duplicate functions
* Improved the cell edit
* Bugfixes

+ Added Edit Columns tool
+ Added New Column dialog
The column editor can fill new columns with a certain value

* Fixed table edits not being saved properly
* Keyboard shortcuts such as CTRL + S will only happen if there is no text being edited.

* Fixed editor not being able to save big double precision numbers, mostly the RESOURCES table.
* Fixed tables incorrectly updating after saving a file.

+ Added search feature

+ Added string table editor
+ Will auto detect string tables from the database folder and list them
+ Right-clicking on a string table listing will give an option to copy the ID of the string.

+ Extended icons
+ New "Quick String" window that allows quickly adding a string to the string table while editing a regular database table.
+ Editor will now associate itself with .GDB files and set icons for those.

V1.1 "Kamarol Nizoye"
+ Replaced Add and Remove buttons with a toolbar with icon buttons.
+ "Quick String" dialog will show the string table that will be modified
* Fixed crash on opening empty tables.
* Fixed crash on saving empty tables.
* Refined the column auto resizing
* Progress bar improved, will now properly show saving tables progress.

V1.2F "Nagatrov"
* Various bug fixes regarding empty tables

ZDEditor development has been canceled, in favor
of a new tool named ZDEditorRS+, written with the Qt Framework.
The reason for this is MFC's (what ZDEditor was written on) limitations and age, which make it difficult
to develop with as the program gets more advanced.

V1.2F is the last update to ZDEditor.

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