ZDEditorRS+ V1.4B (Alternative to GLEditor)
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Tired of the GLEditor always crashing at random and nonsensical moments? Want faster operations?
Easier and better editing?
Wanted to make your own database mod only to figure out that the GLEditor's instability is a hot steel rod up the♥♥♥♥♥♥

You're in the right thread then.

What is it?
ZDEditor is tool built on the same database engine that SP2 operates, which means it can edit .GDB (database) and .gst (string table) files , just like GolemLab's GLEditor. The only thing it has from the GL one is the database engine; everything else has been rewritten in pure, 2018 C++ with the Qt framework.
Aside from the stability, ZDEditor has a few tools to help make modding easier.

ZDEditorRS+ V1.0 released.
* Major save bugfixes
+ Added Save As feature
+ Added multiple columns feature
+ Added Verify Table
* General stability patches.

ZDEditorRS+ V1.1 released.
* Fixed bug where if a database file is opened via double-click instead of the Open menu, string tables will appear but will unable to be open
* Improvements to the string table loader, including elimination of memory leaks and proper allocation.

ZDEditorRS v1.3 released
* Fixed bug where closing a table tab and opening it again would result in a crash
* Fixed problem where large numbers with scientific notation would have trouble saving.

ZDEditoRS+ V1.4 Released
* Fixed "Save As" not working when a database is opened via file associated double click
+ Added "Go To String" feature

ZDEditoRS+ V1.4B Released
* Fixed issue with opening string tables such as Realism2016's.

ZDEditor development has been canceled, in favor
of a new tool named ZDEditorRS+, written with the Qt Framework.
The reason for this is MFC's (what ZDEditor was written on) limitations and age, which make it difficult
to develop with as the program gets more advanced.

V1.2F is the last update to ZDEditor.

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