ZModTools (Mod Editor & Launcher) v1.1 Beta
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What is it?
These are tools for regular users to easily manage and install mods and for creators to pack their own mods, relying on the .ZMI (Z Mod Information) file format. Magic Box used to serve this purpose, but it's now dead.

Z Mod Launcher features
Install mods easily with a few clicks
Delete mods
Manage mods
Create custom desktop shortcuts
Easily change SP2 installations

Demonstration(create shortcut feature is missing from the video):

Please note that there may be bugs


Current version: Beta 1.1

For mod creators, Mod Editor:

For users, Mod Launcher:


Limitations: No online downloads, and not many mods out in .ZMI file extension yet. Might also have trouble packing mods that exceed 300MB in total size.

The .ZMI file extension is open sourced:

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