Build Mod v6.22b

Build 6.0 Beta testers. Martin Hohner, Sgt Gul, Odog1999, Jake, D4fal, RedCommunist, BBird and Chuck.


A fully 20/20 trained EHE is included.

All work is researched and every effort is made to make the updates as accurate as possible.

NEW FOR 6.22b

- Corrected Research Error (thanks Protra)
-Changed TOPOL SS-27 Speed/Manouever from 3-4 to 5-5
-Added MANAMA naval base for U.S. 5th Fleet and stationed U.S. Naval Forces there.
-Stationed US Naval forces in correct bases.
-Added more correct number of Arleigh Burke DDG's
-Corrected incorrect coordinates of Libyan cities in the 'Cities CSV' file which prevented Libya EHE from building cities.
-Added Benghazi military base in Libya
-Updated Chinese Forces
-Modelled nuclear effects to be more realistic and dangerous:

Launching nuclear strikes can now destroy large forces with 3+ strikes. A nuclear war is now catastrophic.

-Removed Nuclear Centres from Basra and other nations that do not have any WMD programs. Nuclear Centres donate WMD programs and not simply nuclear power.

-Various small updates
-4 new textures

NOTES ON U.S. Naval Forces

Carrier Groups

If you want to form realistic Carrier Battle Groups then group these forces together in a single group:

1 Nimitz CVN
2 Ticonderoga CG's
2 to 3 Arleigh Burke DDG's
1 Oliver Hazard Perry FF
2 Los Angeles SSN's

All U.S. Fleets:

2nd Fleet Atlantic
3rd Fleet East & North Pacific
5th Fleet Middle East
6th Fleet Mediterannean
7th Fleet West Pacific & Indian Ocean

NEW FOR 6.21

-Added U.S. and Chinese units + loadout based on new information
-Order of Battles adjusted
-1 minor error corrected
-Some relations adjusted



New Designs:

--UK Royal Marines
--Sea King MK 4 Transport Helicopter (each carrying 18 Royal Marines)
--Sea Harrier FA25
--1000lb Laser-Guided Bomb
--TLAM-C Strategic Missile (more on this later)


Entire 3rd Royal Marine Commando Brigade, based at RM Poole:
24 Sea King MK4's
18 L118 Light Guns
24 AH-1 Lynx
24 Puma HC
1,284 Royal Marines


AF Akrotiri, Cyprus
RM Poole (Royal Marines Base)


The SAS now have Training at level 6.
From the sources I've researched, the SAS is
regarded as arguably the best elite force in the world,
even regarded as such by other nations' military forces.


New Designs:

--Type 094 SSBN
--HN-3 Cruise Missile
--YJ-12 Missile
--Class 052B and 052C DDG's
--Type 93 SSN
--HQ-9 Anti-Air Missile
--SL Class CG (Chinese copy based on Russian SLAVA CLass CG)


8 Kilo CLass SS
1 052B DDG
1 052C DDG


Israeli Special Forces are now as well-trained as any western equivalent.


New Designs:

--TLAM-C Strategic Missile (more on this later)
---Mobile TLAM Launcher


3 Seawolf SSN
Added US Bases: Al Udeid Airfield, Saudi Arabia (Bahrain)
Sigonella AFB, Sicily
Soudha Bay AFB, Crete


Added:Kandahar Airfield


Changed to Democracy.


Slightly improved relations between UK and US with Libya (Quadaffi renounced his WMD program) and added cultural exchanges with them improved ties and lifting of sanctions)


Cancelled Ukraine's purchase of 300 energy from Russia, decreased relations between the two nations, and increased politcal pressure.

TLAM-C as Strategic missiles
Use at your own risk.
The U.S. and U.K. now have the TLAM-C as Strategic Missiles.
This mechanic will simulate surgical missile strikes.
Conventional cruise missile strikes can now be made as a strategic attack.

To make a cruise missile strike, you must first UPGRADE a submarine to carry the TLAM-C's. The 3 U.S. Sea Wolf SSN's already are loaded with TLAM's.

Conduct strategic warfare, and strike against enemy military bases using only the TLAM-C's.

A major use would be to destroy a nation's nuclear research program without invading that country or using nukes.

You can destroy enemy Nuclear Research Centers, Airports, Ship Yards and production capacity in that base, with no radiation.

Use at your own peril.

As far as I can tell,NUKE is a seperate entity (based on the logic that nukes produce radiation, and other warheads do not, so I am assuming the EHE ACTIONS regarding NUKEs do not apply.)

If anyone has other evidence, please let us know.


--More realistic global politics
--News events have been updated in better english
--5 custom textures
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