Canadian Confederation Mod v1.0

All provinces of Canada are now countries and the 3 territories now form Nunavut.
Provinces are allied and share a common market.
Inuktitut language is added in Northwest territory and Yukon and is the official language with french and english.
Language status is added for the other provinces.
The cities of Iqaluit, Fredericton and Charlottetown are added.
Political parties and percentage are real stats from 2001.
The provinces have the research level of Canada and are members of the same treaties.
Unemployment, poverty, birth rate, death rate and inflation are real stats from 2001.
The debt and military manpower is shared by the provinces.
All the other statistics are statistics from Canada.
You have the choice to choose between two flags for Newfoundland, the actual flag or the Tricolour flag.
It is Ruges EHE 11 and the new countries have the behavior of Canada.
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