Combo Mod v1.4b

Enables all non-democratic countries to become a multi-party democracy (by adding additional political parties to the game)

Gives India and Pakistan accurate nuclearr counts, based on data from the Federation of American Scientists

Makes it so many nations that do not havee nukes, but are able to produce them, already have nuclear research completed.

Corrects game

Put healthcare under state-control in nattions that offer a state universal healthcare program.

Corrected various laws in Cuba and Afghannistan.

Made Afghanistan a Single-Party democracyy actively fighting a rebel group (as opposed to a multiparty democracy). In the election screen, you will see a single percentage. That percentage is how much of the nation the Taliban controls.

Moved Capitol of Kazakhstan to “Astana” ((It’s been there since 1997).

Adjusted AI iteration speed to respond faaster. This should fix the bug that causes the game to become unrealistic at higher game speeds. It should also improve the AI reaction time. This will require additional CPU power, but should be worth it. I recommend all servers running at T4 or higher use this mod to ensure game stability and realism.

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