Compilation Mod v1.65b

ReadMe with a comprehensive change log is included Includes KGB''s Chechnya, MultiMod1.2b and Infantry Mod4.0 Compilation1.65b

New Countries w/flags, political parties, treaties and basic DR
Abkazia - freed from Georgian rule
Aceh Nanngroe Darusallem - at war/occupied by Indonesia
Chechen Republic of Ichkeria - freed from Russian rule
Greenland - allied/ common market w/ Denmark
Hong Kong - allied with People''s Republic of China
Isle of Man - allied/ common market W/ United Kingdom
Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic - pressuring Morocco to be free
Tibet - freed from Chinese rule
Uyghurstan - under Chinese rule
West Papua - freed from Indonesian rule
Zanzibar - allied/ common market with Tanzania

New political parties for existing countries

Updated Diplomatic Relations

Updated Country Information

Updated EHE

-Using revised data from Yahoo and jjwalker''s EHE Mods (EHE13, and Dissension)
1) Countries should change government and internal laws more often
2) Countries should build more units and make more treaties

A complete list of changes (including the scenario) is included in the ReadMe

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