Crisis In The Sun V1.1

Scenario Briefing:

360 British aid workers were taken hostage near the Sudanese/Ethiopian border by a terrorist group. They are demanding a ransom of 100 million dollars or the hostages will be killed.

Intel has revealed that this operation is backed by the Sudanese government.

After an emergency cabinet meeting and exhaustive diplomatic attempts, the UK goverment has decided on military action against Sudan.

The UK government has no desire to pay the ransom, so a hostage rescue will be attempted.


*The hostages may be located at secret camps somewhere within Sudan.

*Intel has revealed disturbing news: Sudan has several operational SCUD missiles and further evidence suggests the missiles may be armed with chemical warheads.

The SCUDS may be located at a hidden base.


-Seize and secure one of the coastal areas SWORD, GOLD or JUNO.

-Locate, free and evacuate the hostages

-Find and destroy the SCUD launchers

-Control all key areas in Sudan

-Topple the government in Sudan

-Establish a democratic government


All available UK forces PLUS:

Royal Marines 3rd Commando Brigade is on stand-by at RM Poole.
(Note: The Sea King MK4 Helicopters and Pumas contain Royal Marines.)
RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus is available for a staging point and operational HQ.
2 Trafalgar class SSN nuclear submarines armed with 16 conventional cruise missiles each are already on patrol in the east med sea. (Note: TLAM-C cruise missiles now have a more realistic range: they can strike at targets from a greater distance.)

Your INVINCIBLE class CV's now carry Sea Harrier FA25's.


Sudan has an alliance with Indonesia.
The UK may have to call for military help and this may spark a wider conflict.
I have not tested the outcome of this scenario...

V 1.1 Update

Fixed error which led to the SCUDS not appearing.
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