Debt Free Mod v1.4


-Debt Free Mod removes the starting debt from all nations in order to make it easier to begin building up your nation. It should also increase the initial playability of both single-player and multi-player games. Debt Free Mod is based off of vanilla Superpower 2 1.4, and only the starting debt of all nations has been changed. Everything else is unmodified.

Change Log

-Version 1.0: Initial release. Removed starting debt from all nations.
-Version 1.1: Added the signature to the modinfo file to address some issues.
-Version 1.2: Added documentation.
-Version 1.3: Changed from the “proper” mod packaging format to the “bad” mod packaging format in order to increase compatibility with players that do not have Debt Free Mod installed.
-Version 1.4: Repackaged into an installer that automatically reverts changes upon uninstall.


-Debt Free Mod is distributed under Ray's License Version 2 (rayslicense2.txt)


-The Debt Free Mod installer is based off of the Debt Free Mod Installation Script, which is Copyright 2009 President Ray -
-Kudos to Pezz for helping me figure out the GL Editor.
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