Earth Mod v2.9

New Gov Types:

Theocratic State
Military State
Paternal Autocracy
Communist State
Facist State
Democratic State


Thai/Tongan Parties Corrected
Latin moved from Zimbabwe to Vatican City
Latin made official language for Holy See
Roman Catholic made Official in Holy See
The LDS Church made Official in Tonga
Added The Communist Party of The United States with 0.18% Support
Made The Nazi Party of The United States hold only 0.12% Support
Made Christian Illegal in Sudan
Made Groznyy, Russia (city in Chechenskaya)


'The' Gambia
'The' Holy See


Sahara (SAH)
[Saguia del Hamra, Rio de Oro]

Chechnya (CHY)
[Chechnya, Ingush, Dagestan]



Saharan Religious Rulers
Saharan Military
Royal Family of Sahara
The Communist Party
Independance for Sahara
Liberal Freedom Front
Conservative Coalition


Chechnyan Religious Rulers
Chechnyan Military
Royal Family of Chechnya
The Communist Party
Democracy for Chechnya
The Chechnyan Communist Party
United Liberal Left
Conservative Freedom Front
Earth Mod v2.8

Start year 2006

New countries:

-East Timor
-North Cyprus
-Puerto Rico
-The Shiite Republic of Iraq

Political Parties:

-China-Chinese Republican Party
-China-Chinese Liberal Party
-China-Communist Revival Party
-Cuba-Conservative Party
-Cuba-Liberal Party
-Iraq-Iraqi Progressive Party
-Iraq-Iraqi Conservative Front
-Vietnam-Vietnamese Freedom Party
-Vietnam-Vietnamese Liberal Party
-Saudi Arabia-Saudi Liberal Party
-Saudi Arabia-Saudi Conservative Party
-Jordan-Jordan Worker's Party
-Jordan-Jordani Republican Party
-United Arab Emerates-Progressive Party of The United Arab Emerates
-United Arab Emerates-Conservative Party
-Tonga-Thai Democratic Party
-Tonga-Conservative Party of Thailand
-Democratic Rep. of the Congo-Congoese Democratic Party
-Democratic Rep. of the Congo-Congoese Freedom Front
-Libya-Lybian Heritage Party
-Libya-Lybian Freedom Party
-North Korea-People's Progressive Party
-North Korea-North Korean Freedom Front
-Sudan-Sudani Peace Party
-Sudan-Nationalist Party of Sudan
-Syrian-Syrian People's Freedom Front
-Syrian-Syrian Liberal Party
-Iran-Iranian Progress Party
-Iran-Conservative Party of Persia
-Somalia-Somalian Freedom Party
-Somalia-Somalian Republican Party
-Afghanistan-Afghani Republican Party
-Germany-National Socialist Workers Party (NAZI)
-USA-Green Party
-USA-Nazi Party of The United States

-East Timor-Timor Republican Party-Timor Peace Party-Timor Action Front-Timor Communist Party- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints-Royal Family of Timor-Timor Military-Timor Religious Leaders-Timor Militants

-Somaliland-Somali Independance Party-Somali Liberal Party-Freedom Party-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints-Royal Family of Somaliland- Somali Military-Somali Religious Leaders-Somali Militants-

-Puntland-People's Freedom Front-Puntland Conservitave Party-Lerana'h saw-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints- Puntland Royal Family-Puntland Military-Puntland Religious Leaders-Puntland Militants

-North Cyprus-Turkish Democracy for Cyprus-Unity Front-Liberal Party of North Cyprus-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints- Royal Family of North Cyprus-Turkish Military-Turkish Religious Leaders-Greek Militants

-Puerto Rico-Puerto Rican Independance-Security for Puerto Rico-Growth and Prosperity-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints- Royal Family of Puerto Rico-Puerto Rican Military-Puerto Rican Religious Leaders-Puerto Rican Militants

-Kurdistan-Kurdish Religious Leaders-Kurdish Military-Royal Family of Kurdistan-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints- Independance for Kurdistan-Kurdish Democratic Union-Conservative Party of Kurdistan

-Sunnistan-Sunni Religious Leaders-Sunni Military-Sunni Royal Leaders-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints-Democracy for Sunnistan- Republican Party of Sunnistan-Freedom Coalition of Sunnistan

-The Shiite Republic of Iraq-Shiite Religious Leaders-Shiite Military-Shiite Royal Family-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints- United Coalition-Independant Democratic Unity-Conservative Party of The Shiite Republic


-USA/Iraq-Iraqi-American Free Trade Rights (IR-AM)
-USA/Afghanistan-Afghanistani-American Free Trade Rights (AF-AM)
-USA/Afghanistan/Iraq/Pakistan-Central Asian Treaty Organization (CATO)
-Kuwait/USA-Kuwaiti Protection Pact
-Philippines/USA-Philipine Protection Pact
-Japan/USA-Japanese Tresspass Right
-South Korea/USA-South Korea Protection Pact
-Taiwan/USA-Taiwanese Protection Pact
-Japan/USA-Japan-America Weapon's Trade


Tonga-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints



Infantry units:

All countries-Rocket Infantry
All countries-Marines
USA-Special Forces
France-Foreign Legion
China-Red Guard
Janpan-Republican Guard
Canada-Joint Task Force 2
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