GreatPower v1.0

- New intro movie


- European union
- Japanese Empire
- Soviet union

Using the europower mod. more details on this below.

EuroPower v1.1

Romania and Bulgaria have join the EU

The EU is now ranked first in ground forces.

-More unit designs taken from france and some other countries within the EU, and added to the EU design list.

EuroPower v1.0

Country: European Union

All current Members of the EU are now as one country, The European Union all military forces including nukes in europe are now under EU control ranking it 2nd to the USA.

Capital City: Brussels

Political Parties:

Conservative And Unionist Party
Democratic Unionist Party
EU National Alliance
Liberal Democrats
Labor Party
EU National Party
Republican Party
Social Democratic And Labor Party
Ulster Unionist Party

Infantry units:


Country names:

Gaza Strip and West Bank changed to Palestine
Burma changed to Myanmar
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