Infantry Mod v4.0

Using Sevens Infantry mod

Create your own Infantry units in the game and name them providing you have research higher the research the stronger you can make the Infantry. Missile's/Stealth/CounterMesures are set to zero because some ground units cannot use these so there's no need to select them when creating a new Infantry unit. you can choose to have Armor and Sensors if you dont want Armor and Sensors leave the research boxs empty this is optional unlike some units.

Infantry falls under ground unit research, and yes the blue bars you set do make a difference and you can make them stronger than ordinary infantry, even tho you can't see them in the preview window they are as strong as you make them !

Some people don't notice that the higher the level for your infantry is the more damage they do, to realy find out put 100,000 ordinary troops agaist another 100,000 troops that are custom made level 9 or what ever you want them to be and you will see who has the advantage. If you want the effects to be more noticeable with alot fewer troops, you can edit the "types_characteristics" file under the "military" folder and look for UnitType 21 which will be the last entry.
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