MultiMOD2 (MM2) EHE v2.0

Requires Multimod2 beta or above to use.

best to start with your AI Aggression slider at very low, this goes for all EHE's when using the MultiMOD.. example what could happen if set to medium or hi to start.. when starting war with Iraq as US or UK all relations with the world would be served and NATO alliance breaks up.

-Rebels entities added

-AI builds all sorts of units - Infantry, Ground, Air, Naval
-AI more likly to Train troops
-AI less likly to close borders to Immigration and emigration
-Air Missile Defense (AMD) will not be built like mad

there is a MM2 EHE v1.0 its the original ehe unmodified with all rebel entities added, but i've skipped releasing this and brought out the one people will enjoy more, if anyone wants this its on the upload page under "files" here
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