MultiMod v1.2b (stable release version)

"Credit also go's to Venny, Turbo, Ruges, NoLoComprende for there ideas pluse some code"

Server.dll / Client.dll

-Need capital ships near enemy shore to invade hostile regions (changed to within 750km (from 500km) in 1.2b).
-AI annexes if it thinks there will be no war.
-Relationloss after "negative" treaties.
-GTM limited at 30%, sectortax at 70%.
-Relations will be much higher after changing a nations constitutional form.
-A Military Tresspassing Treaty will automatically be signed after changing a nations constitutional form (1.2b).
-After retreating from combat, units will now move a little distance away from the battlefield, instead of going to the capital (1.2b). -AI should build more than 50 units at a time.
-Minor tweaks.
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