MultiMOD v1.4a beta

-Peaceful Annexation is temporarily removed to avoid abusing it in MultiPlayer
-High resourcetaxes (and those include the GTM!) can have adverse effects on resource production now.
This should also slow down production and delay (or, hopefully but probably won't yet) avoid autarky.
This is the beginning of more economic changes in MultiMOD (with the intent of getting rid of the autarky bug in the next few releases)

Database created by yahoo

From previous beta's

-Improved war/alliance AI: allies will help out a lot more now, both for player & AI
-Peaceful Annexation: deployed units of the annexed nation are incorporated in your army now
-Peaceful Annexation: depending on both nations pop support, you have more (or less) chance of the treaty being accepted
-Rebels: if pop support & gvt stability are below 20, regions may randomly switch sides to the rebels, including all units in that region. Capital regions do not change to rebels

Note: from now on, a DB & EHE-entities file is included with MultiMOD, so you won't be able to have rebels AND use a DB-mod or an EHE-tweak.

Database created by yahoo

Ruges (known for his excellent work with the SP2 EHE) is working on a MultiMOD EHE-tweak, so stay tuned!

-Improved Naval AI
-Peaceful Annexation: need >= 95 relations
-Peaceful Annexation: annexing nation needs at least 75% of target nations economic strength
-Peaceful Annexation: target nation may not be a Top 10 economic power
-Peaceful Annexation: both nations need at least one language or religion in common
-Fixed a bug that made it impossible to invade nations without a navy
-When invading a region over the sea, there may be no enemy naval group within 1500km of your invasionfleet
-Added an SP2.lnk to the zipfile, for those having problems starting a vanilla SP2-game with the usual links. To start a vanilla game after installing MultiMOD, use this new .lnk file now
-Fixed a bug where your nation ends up with two capitals
-When having >= 95 relations, the Annexation becomes visible in the Quick Treaty-menu. This does not mean that the annexation will be succesful!
-Budget/deficit & military manpower will now be added to your nation
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