Worldwar 2 Mod v2.0

Using the super ussr mo v3:

Nazi Germany added

Jewish religion added in Germany

Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina are now SPD with the original fascist political parties

Spain is military dictatorship

Allies and Axis Powers alliances were created

China is split between nationalist and communist (civil war)

Tibet is free

Japan is monarchy

Japanese occupation (not annexed) in South Korea, North Korea and east part of China

Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia included

Moldova belongs to Romania

Kaliningrad renamed to Königsberg and now belongs to Germany

Japanese northern islands belongs to Japan (not Russia anymore)

Japan, Germany, Italy, USSR, Yugoslavia, Nationalist China and Tibet have the original flags in WW II

Worldwar 2 things added onto Super USSR mod

Comintern alliance created
New countries : Tyva Tallu, Republic Spain
Fixed the colonization
Mongolia is SPD
Poland is monarchy
Renamed countries : Iran - Persia ; Thailand - Siam
Reformulated map of Poland, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Soviet Union and Communist China
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