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GolemLabs Version Credit Info Download
Official Modding Guide 1.0 GolemLabs/Compiled by Seven  
Editor 1.0 GolemLabs  
Economy 101 1.0 GolemLabs/Compiled by Seven  
SP2 Guide To Techs 3.0 GolemLabs/Compiled by Seven  
New units guide 1.0 Yahoo  
Cities Parties and Regions 1.0 GolemLabs/Compiled by Seven  
SP2 Manual 1.0 GolemLabs  
Patch Version Credit Info Download
North American Download Version 1.4 GolemLabs  
North American 1.4 GolemLabs  
International 1.4 GolemLabs  
Unofficial Patch 1.5.3b-Steam/GOG The one true king of Westeros
Utilities Version Credit Info Download
Mod Manager 1.0 NoLoComprendo  
Dialog Fixer 1.0 NoLoComprendo  
StringSearch 1.0 JBWorld  
ZDEditor 1.2F ZDisket/Jean-René
Extras Mod Credit Info Download
Flags 1970 Yahoo  
Flags Earth Yahoo  
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